More Fashion Design Schools

There are top fashion design schools throughout the county.  I’ll start out with some in my area, the Texas Gulf Coast.

The Art Institute of Houston offers Bachelor of Arts in fashion design and a Bachelor of Science in fashion retailing and management.  The Art Institute of Houston also offers a diploma in fashion retailing.

Houston Community College  offers affordable associate’s degrees in fashion design.  The instructors are world-class.

Framington State University  in Boston allows you to earn a Bachelor of Science in fashion design and retailing. You can specialize in apparel design or merchandising.

Ohio’s Kent State University has a top-notch School of Fashion which offers bachelors degrees in both fashion design and fashion merchandising.

Philadelphia’s Drexel University  is home to the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design which offers bachelor’s degrees in fashion design, fashion merchandising, interior design and many other art majors.

Oregon State University’s Department of Design and Human Environment  offers bachelors of science in apparel design and interior design.  The interior design degree allows you to specialize in interior design or in housing studies.  The school also offers a degree in merchandising. In addition the school has master and doctorate programs in apparel design, interior design, and related fields.

These schools are just a sample selection of the fine design schools around the country; some of the also offer opportunities for study abroad in world fashion capitals, such as Milan, Madrid, and Paris.

Regardless of what school you choose, you will be working with the finest fabrics such as those offered by OFS.  In my next post, I will be talking about preparing for another design career: fabric design.