Mudroom Dreams

Mudroom, breezeway, front hall, entry. Whatever you call it, families with kids neeeeeeed a good one. How do I know? Because I don’t have one. We are lucky to have a small closet to the left when you walk in our front door, which is a huge help to avoid tripping over the seven hundred coats, snow pants, scarves, hoodies and boots that make up my family of four’s winter gear. But we dream of adding a mudroom to the house. One complete with built-in shelving, cabinets and an upholstered bench. A room where no matter how hard we try to create a wreck of it, it never wavers from being its organized self. Storage galore, where everything has its place, whether it’s raining, snowing or 100 degrees. So I thought I’d bask in my dream a bit and compile a few nice mudrooms.

Traditional Laundry Room by Princeton Interior Designer Dennison and Dampier Interior Design