New OFS Items

Online Fabric Store is constantly searching for new products to delight our customers.  This month we have the practical, the elegant, and the rustically crafty.

Therma-Flec Heat Resistant Fabric is ideal for ironing board covers, potholders, and other items that are subject to high heat.  It  is available in tan and silver.  This practical fabric is also available in a quilted version. The quilted version features a 100% quilted cotton base with a heat resistant finish; it is scorch proof up 360 ºF.

Silver Quilted Therma-Flec is heat resistant and ideal for insulating potholders and other items.

Rosette Satin Fabric is totally elegant and is ideal for special occasion garments.   It is available in luscious cherry, jade, dark teal, honey, and silver. This luxurious fabric is made of practical, affordable polyester.

Dark Teal Rosette Satin

Jute ribbon is a unique craft ribbon that you are sure to find dozens of uses for. Jute garlands make interesting additions to party decor. Natural jute round bottom bags are a rustic way to present small gifts; they come in packs of ten. Colorful jute tablecloths are ready to place on a picnic or party table.

Moss Jute Tablecloth