New Special Occasion Fabrics–Embroidered and Appliqué Organza

Orange embroidered organza.

I hope our readers don’t get tired of hearing of all the new fabrics Online Fabric Store is now carrying, but we are really excited about them. OFS has always carried numerous colors of standard organza and recently began carrying some very decorative forms of the luscious fabric..

Organza is a sheer, somewhat stiff fabric that is widely used in wedding gowns and evening wear.  This classic fabric gained popularity in the 1940s and 1950s and today it is still going strong.

Embroidered and appliquéd organza are absolutely dreamy.  They come in an array of colors ranging from dark and romantic to bright and cheerful.  These fine fabrics are perfect for the overskirts of ball gowns and special occasion dresses.

Use organza for yokes and sheer sleeves.  It is great for sheer wraps and can make delightful bolero jackets.  Organza can even be used in wedding and special occasion décor.

Fuchsia sequin embroidered organza.

Appliquéd and embroidered organza is also used for sheer curtains.  These fabulous fabrics make wonderful window treatments either alone or paired with heavier drapes.

Dark lime appliqué organza.

Organza is a lightweight, delicate fabric and like all delicate fabrics, care must be taken that it does not pull down into the machine feeddogs when sewn on a sewing machine. Intermediate sewers can easily master the techniques used handle organza and other sheer materials.  Using a straight stitch plate on your machine is recommended when sewing delicate fabrics such as organza. A straight stitch plate has a smaller opening for the needle, making it less likely that fabric will be pulled down into the feeddogs.