Old School Sports Fabric Giveaway

You catch that Bruins versus Maple Leafs game last night? I did not. Heard it was a good one though.

See, I’ve always played sports, loved sports and followed sports. Back when we were just scraping by, I convinced my husband we needed cable because a Red Sox and Yankees series was coming up, and watching all those games in bars was going to get pricey. But these days, I’ve had to give up on watching them. Why’s that? Because aside from the fact that two little boys in my home must be fed, bathed and coerced into bed at the precise times games are usually on, I just can’t handle the anxiety of close games. I’m that loser who changes the channel (and throws the remote across the room) because a close game or almost inevitable loss is just too emotionally unbearable. And too many times I’ve done just that only to have “my” team make a miraculous play/goal, whatever it is to win the game. And I completely miss that glorious high that only comes after such a close call win. While everyone and their mother basks in it. Lord Tennyson may have been right about love when he wrote “Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all.” But that does not apply to pro sports in my book. So I stay emotionally detached, and once in a while jump on the bandwagon for championships and playoff series’.  That’s about it.


So when Mayer found these old sports fabrics in the warehouse, I didn’t even know that Seattle Supersonics no longer existed after being moved to Oklahoma, or that the Washington Bullets had been renamed the Wizzards in 1995 to remove any overtones of violence. We do carry sports team fleece and cotton, but it has apparently been a looong time since this thick, silky tie material with the NBA logos of Seattle Supersonics, Washington Bullets, and LA Lakers was in its prime.


So if you or someone you know is/was a fan and wants some of this fabric, just leave me a comment below letting me know which kind and why you want it. We’ll pick a few “winners” and send some your way!