On the 8th day of Christmas….eight yards of wonderful trim.

Skipping six and seven (birds again) and on to the 8th day of Christmas where I received eight long yards of wonderful trim.  I think trim detail on pillows, draperies, furniture and lamps shades is the one thing that turns an OK room into a WOW room.  Here are some simple ways to use trim in your home.

  • Most upholstered furniture pieces have a cording or welting around the cushions and frame of the item.  Use a contrasting color or fabric welting to highlight the shape or details of an unusual chair or simply to turn an ordinary couch into something custom.
  • The sleek shape of this couch is highlighted by contrast piping. sofa available at undertheroof.stores.yahoo.net

  • In my humble opinion trim should always be added to throw pillows.  This can be in the form of braid, fringe, cording or tassels but nothing looks more unfinished than a pillow without trim.
  • Add fringe or trim to the leading edge of your drapery panels for a custom designer look.  Even off the rack window treatments can be upgraded with a bit of trim added to the hemline.
  • Turn an ordinary lampshade into something unique by gluing some brush trim to the lower edge.  (be careful that the trim does not come in contact with the bulb)
  • Update an old bedskirt by sewing some trim around the lower edge.
  • Easiest of all, sew some tassels to the corners of pillows or chair cushions to add that final detail.

My true love knows how much I love trims of all types.  His generosity of eight yards allows me to start trimming everything in the house.