On the second day of fabric Christmas….burlap?

On the second day of fabric Christmas my true love gave to me two yards of burlap.  Burlap? you ask.  Yes, burlap is a very versatile fabric that can be used in many different applications during the holidays and two yards will go a long way:

Unique gift wrap ideas like these from Martha Stewart.  Simply use the burlap as a ribbon and add your own embellishments for a rustic and earth friendly package.

How about these adorable burlap bird ornaments from Conspicuous Style blog…these are cute enough to keep out all year long.


A simple burlap table runner like this one shown by the lettered cottage can be used on its own for rustic appeal or you can apply wintry motifs such as snowflakes, wreaths, pinecones or your favorite symbol of the season.  Leave the edges raw or sew or glue a simple hem.

Burlap is available in many different colors and weights as well as the very popular and trendy burlap bags and sacks.  For an eco-friendly holiday you might consider other decorating ideas that include burlap stockings, wreaths or bows for the back of the dining room chairs.  Merry Burlap Christmas!