Online Marketing Outlets for Your Sewing Business

Most sewing businesses lend themselves well to online market outlets. The exceptions are custom fitted garments, alterations, and upholstery which naturally require a more hands on approach, although many period costume makers custom make costumes according to the measurements their customers send online.

There are variety of online marketing outlets that allow you to have your own online shop. These are some of the most popular:

Zibbet features a totally free account which allows you to list your items for free. When they sell, you owe nothing to Zibbet. For a reasonable monthly fee, Zibbet also offers a Premium account which has more features.

Etsy is an extremely popular online marketing site for arts and crafts of all types. Etsy members pay a small fee to list each item for sale and a small commission when the item sells.

Some people with a sewing business also list their items on E-bay; it is great in many ways, but not as craft and art friendly as Zibbet and Etsy.

You might also consider Dawanda, a site based in Germany Listing is free on Dawanda.