Picnic Tablecloths


Tablecloth clamps hold your tablecloth on, even on a windy day.

Tablecloths add a nice, decorative touch to picnic tables and patio tables, plus they help protect your outdoor furniture from spills.   Water-resistant “oilcloth” is an ideal fabric for outdoor table cloths.  Modern “oilcloth” is actually practical vinyl.  Years ago, oilcloth was only available in classic prints such gingham.  Today’s vinyl oilcloth is available in an array of beautiful florals and other designs.

Colorful oilcloth is perfect for outdoor tablecloths.

Vibrantly colored oilcloth is sure to perk up your outdoor entertaining.  It is inexpensive so you can indulge in several different prints for different occasions.

Oilcloth prints range from fun to elegant.

No sewing talent is needed to make oilcloth into wonderful tablecloths.  This versatile textile does not ravel.  Simply cut it to the size needed for your table.  A scalloped edge can be added to oilcloth by cutting the edge with decorative scissors.

Keep your outdoor tablecloths from blowing off by placing small weights at the corners.  The weights sometimes used to hold sewing patterns down on the fabric can make good tablecloth holders.  Special clips to hold picnic tablecloths in place are available at sporting goods departments and some home goods’ departments.