Pinterest Wedding Inspiration

I listen to the Elvis Duran show on the radio every morning on my 25-minute commute to work. Yesterday they were discussing women who have wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest. Women who aren’t even engaged to be married. One camp said it’s crazy, the other said it’s harmless fantasy. It seems fine to me. I mean there are a lot of creative ideas for everything from bride hair, bridesmaid dresses, wedding ceremony details, and reception decor and gifts. Filing those ideas away for when the day does come kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? Eight years after my own wedding I still find myself getting lost in all those beautiful photos. But then again, I can see a significant other getting slightly freaked out by the idea of a wedding board if they’re not quite there yet in their relationship. What do you think? Non-engaged people having wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest; slightly strange or perfectly practical?

wedding board