Quick and Simple Hand-decorated Gift Bags

Hand-decorated gift bags are quick and simple to make.  It is easy to start from scratch and sew your own bags from small fabric rectangles, since they only require a couple of seams.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time even for such a simple sewing project.  If you have no time to sew, but still want to give your gifts with a little personal touch you can use ready-made cloth bags and decorate them.

Bags can be decorated with ready made appliqués or felt cut-outs which you can glue on.   Embroidery paints are another option.  If I have the time, I love to embroidery small flowers and other decorations with thread on the bags.  Burlap bags lend themselves well to cross-stitch embroidery.

You can also glue charms, sequins and buttons on fabrics for charming, personalized looks.

OFS sells a variety of gift bags for your decorating pleasure.  Many of  them come in multi-packages, making them very economical.