Red Says It All

Using one color as the focal point of your décor can create a striking effect.  This red bedroom is a case in point. Red against white is always striking.  Imagine this room did in another color besides red; it wouldn’t seem the same, would it?

Notice the unusual ceiling lighting treatment. Simple lines keep this room from being just too much.

No matter how it is used, red makes a statement.  It draws the eye and can make a dull room extraordinary.

While the combination of red against white is what gives the room shown above its spice, red can be used in a variety of ways.  You may love red, but not want an entire room in it.  Using red as a focal color along with more a more subdued main color is another option. The brown earthy tone of the sectional shown below is highlighted by red pillows. The oriental motif of the pillows blends well with the modern lines of the furniture.

Pillows are great, inexpensive way to jazz up a room. They are simple to make with ready-made pillow forms.  Make them in an eye-popping color like red and they are sure to draw compliments.

Red upholstery and drapery fabrics are available in numerous shades, designs, and textures.

A selection of red decor fabrics.


Robert Allen and Beacon Hill are among the manufacturers of extraordinary red fabrics.  Whether you chose traditional red or a more subtle shade, red can bring cheer to a room.