Rescuing a Found Treasure–Part II


Do you all remember the lovely Amy Butler pillows I made in September 2010? I loved the hourglass design and the beautiful fabric.

Because I still had large scraps of the fabric in my stash, I decided to duplicate the pillow’s look for the chair cushion. Since I am simply re-covering the original cushion I couldn’t do the tufted pillow-look, but that is okay. This way is simple and the result will be comfortable.

I used Amy Butler Fresh Poppies Fuchsia and Amy Butler Deco Rose Brown for the design.

All sewn together and almost ready to use. Here I am testing the fit before I remove the cushion to re-cover.

During the chair’s first “fitting” I discovered that I needed more fabric to tuck under. I added a border which can be seen in the picture. Now I will have plenty of fabric to tuck under and the design will still look great. I have the luxury of using a lightweight cotton print for the cushion cover because my new “treasure” will seldom actually be sat in.

If you are re-covering a chair cushion that will be used on a daily basis, you should choose something more durable than these lightweight prints.  Thousands of lovely upholstery weight fabrics are available from Braemore, Covington, Robert Allen, and other fine manufacturers. Upholstery weight fabrics are durable and easy care. Genuine leather is also a stylish, durable choice.

In my next post, I will show how to remove the cushion and re-cover it.