Rescuing a Found Treasure–Part III

Now it is time to start the actual re-covering process. I will use a household hammer and a phillips screwdriver.

Sturdy, wide webbing supports the chair seat. The burlap fabric was attached with upholstery tacks.
If the webbing had been damaged I could have replaced it with new webbing.  Stretching webbing tightly can be difficult.  It is best to use a webbing stretcher for this task.  

I removed the cushion from the chair frame.

Using a phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the cushion to the chair frame.

Removing the screws took a little time; they had been in place for some while.  The uncovered frame was dusty and grimy so I washed the entire piece with a small amount of white vinegar in warm water and then rinsed and dried it.

The removed chair cushion.

Next I cut off the old burlap so that the original chair fabric was exposed.  This gave me a smoother base for my new cushion cover.

In the my next post I will show how I finished  the chair.