Roman Shades are Easy to Make

A Roman shade is used very effectively on this room's smaller window.

Roman shades are a convenient, stylish option for window treatments. They are perfect for any room of the house and can be easily made. Roman shades hang snugly against the window glass, providing excellent privacy when they are made with an opaque material. They can be hung either inside the window frame or from the front casing.

Do you have windows of different sizes in the same room? A Roman shade can be used quite effectively over a small window, while drapes are used over the larger window. Shades and drapes can also be combined to decorate the same window.

Gingham is a fresh look for Roman shades.

Roman shades can be made with a variety of décor fabrics and are quite economical since they require far less fabric than drapes. They can also be made in cotton prints which are a suitable weight for curtains and pillows.  Cheerful, nostalgic gingham can give Roman shades a fresh country look. OFS has  all the shade tapes, cords, and pulleys you’ll need for your Roman shade project.

Amy Butler fabrics make beautiful Roman shades.

Martha Stewart has the best directions that I have seen for making Roman shades. A clear drawing illustrates the hardware used for this project and three separate sets of instructions detail how to make either a classic, casual, or formal Roman shade.