Room by room decorating- 5 ez tips for decorating your child’s room

Is your teenage son tired of sleeping in the same bunk beds you bought him when he was eight?  Is your 10 year old daughter dying to paint her room pink and purple?  Or has your baby graduated from their crib to a big person bed and the room’s decor needs to grow up as well?  Summer is a great time to redecorate your child’s room.  The kids are home, there is lots of extra time to shop, paint and sew and it is a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids.

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In this month’s room by room series I thought it would be fun to look at some easy ways to redo your child’s private space and keep everyone happy (hopefully!)

  1. Paint is always an obvious and easy choice that has a big impact.  So if your son is longing for black walls or your daughter wants each wall a different color, go for it.  Remember, it is only paint.  Let their creative side shine through.  You will be mother of the year!
  2. Fabric can quickly alter the appearance of the room.  Sew new window treatments, accent pillows and bedding in the fabric of their choice.  This is much cheaper than buying new furniture.  Show them your creative side by adding fluffy fringe or other details to valances, lamp shades, bulletin boards and other items.
  3. Customize and personalize with photo pillows (simple directions here), fabric letters that spell out their name, monograms, sports memorabilia etc.  Create a lap quilt from old baby clothes they wore or bookends from their first pair of shoes.  Be sure to offer space for family photos, souvenirs etc.  And kids of all ages like to see their artwork beautifully framed and displayed.
  4. Honor their interests.  After all, it is their room.  If they enjoy horses, add some equestrian touches.  Sports lovers will appreciate posters of their favorite players or unique furniture made from a surfboard, old ski, skate board etc.  There is even fabric that features popular sports team logos that can be used to make pillows, bean bag chairs, throws etc.   Dancers will be thrilled with their own ballet barre attached to a mirrored wall or old toe shoes used as drapery tiebacks.  A future astronaut can dream the night away with a ceiling covered with glow in the dark stars.  These items can easily be replaced with something else as your child grows and their interests change.
  5. Organize.  Make it easy to organize with baskets, bins, labels, drawers and other custom storage units.  The sooner your child learns the art of organization the easier it will be to keep their room in order.  Even the youngest child can learn that toys go in the blue bin, books in the red bin etc. 

Enjoy redecorating your child’s room this summer.  It is time well spent and you will both be proud of the results.