Sail away with a nautical theme for the summer

Blue sky, warm sandy beaches, weathered wood and sea air…..I want to be at the beach right now!  If you are land locked, as I am, you can still enjoy the feeling of a beach house in your own home.  A nautical theme will provide you with a crisp and inviting space that will make it seem as if you are on vacation.

Check out some of these easy ways to incorporate a nautical look into your existing decor.

  • Shiny brass elements will make you feel as if you are onboard a luxurious yacht.  Replace lamp bases, hang a brass framed mirror or place a brass tray on top of an ottoman. 
  • Add a white slipcover to your existing sofa or chairs for an instant summery look. 
  • Replace your current accent pillows with ones fashioned out of large blue and white stripes or solid navy blue with crisp white piping.  A sky blue can be just as inviting especially when paired with red.
  • Seek out nautical items to use around the house.  An old porthole window is fun when hung in the powder room.  How about a large boaters knot for a doorstop.
  • Put that wool rug in storage and add a natural fiber rug made of sisal…better yet choose an indoor/outdoor rug to make it easy to clean up all that sand you track in.
  • Items that depict life at sea like lighthouses, ships wheel, sea creatures and shells and signal flags add a bit of interest and ambience to any setting. 
  • Bring the outdoors in by adding plants or simple cuttings from the bushes and trees in your own yard.  A clear glass hurricane holding one large palm leaf creates a very sophisticated centerpiece.
  • Baskets can be placed just about anywhere to hold remotes, books and magazines, items in the kitchen, tissue in the bath, etc.
  • Speaking of the kitchen, use your fun outdoor dishes and flatware during the summer.  Clean white plates on your dark mahogany table are very “yachty”.

These ideas are all simple and inexpensive and can be put away when the seasons change.  But for now why not enjoy a little beach getaway in the comfort of your own home.