Season-Spanning Fabrics

When your sewing budget and sewing time are limited, you want to get the most out of each.  Making garments out of fabrics that can be worn in different seasons saves money and time.

Gabardine  is great for pants, skirts, and jackets.  This classic fabric can be worn in both warm and cold weather and comes in variety of colors. Gabardine does not ravel easily and can be neatly edge-finished by pinking.

Gabardine is available in many colors from OFS.


Trigger and poplin are season-spanning as well.  These easy-to-sew, easy-to-care for fabrics come in several colors and are excellent for jackets and other items.  A pinked edge is suitable for poplin and trigger..


Polyester poplin is a popular, easy-care, season-spanning fabric.


Twill is another season-spanning fabric.  This durable fabric is great for casual clothes, such as cargo pants, and can be worn season after season. For a softer fabric, choose brushed twill.

Cotton broadcloth and prints are practical for most weather.  They are great for warm weather, but they can also be comfortable for indoors’ wear in colder weather.  These lightweight fabrics are most suitable for dresses, blouses, and shirts.

Of course, double knits are comfortable in both cold and hot weather.  Knit is great for many modern fashions.  Because it is stretchable, knit requires special handling techniques, but these are easy to learn.

With a little careful planning, you can sew a wardrobe that you will enjoy wearing season after season.