Sewing machine covers–are they necessary?

A sewing machine cover is more than just a nice, decorative touch.¬
A properly fitting cover helps keep dust out of the machine and protects it from scratches.  The newer, computerized machines are especially sensitive to dust and should be covered when not in use.

You can buy a machine cover.  Inexpensive, see-thru vinyl ones are readily available.  Singer makes a sewing machine maintenance kit that comes with all the tools you need to clean your machine, plus a nice vinyl cover.  Some machines come with a hard plastic cover and you can buy a hard cover for most machines.  A sewing machine cover is also easy to make and can be made out of leftover fabric from another project.  Cottons make a good, easy-to-sew cover.  Quilted fabric is also popular for sewing machine covers.

The pattern companies make several great sewing machine cover patterns sized to fit standard machines and sergers.  These collections are neat and come with patterns for extra accessories, like a hanging organizer to go on the wall, clever novelty pin cushions, and even ironing board covers.