Sewing Spring & Summer Dresses

When spring is awesome, it’s awesome. That is, when everything’s blooming, the sun is out and it’s warm, but not the sweat-dripping-from-every-surface-of-you kind of warm. Maybe we’ll get one of those awesome springs here in New England this year. Maybe we won’t. But either way, when those hot, sticky, humid days do come, and they will come, I prefer to be wearing dresses. They’re comfortable, let your body breath and look nice. Win, win, win.

Kate and I were looking through the fab OFS Pinterest page she and Clara manage (at the “Summer Dresses” board in particular) and realized we both like a lot of the same exact dress styles. And it turns out that, like me, she also primarily just wears dresses when it’s warm out. Unfortunately, the dresses we like are pretty pricey, while the cute and cheap summer dress options are limited. Which means, Kate and I just may turn up to work wearing the same dress one of these days. Can’t have that can we? So short of creating a dress-wearing schedule with the girl, we’re just going to have to make our own unique dresses so that doesn’t happen, right? What’s that? I can’t sew? Oh, that’s just a minor detail. You see, Kate and I are going to tap into our various sewing resources to learn a few basics. So maybe my mentor is two international flights and a big blue ocean away, but there’s always Skype. Then, through trial and error we are going to make some fun summer dresses from OFS fabrics. Here are a few styles I’d love to be able to tackle.

Turquois Dresses

Green Dresses

Purple Dresses

Orange Tone Dresses

Know your sewing? Got tips on dos and don’ts of sewing dresses?

Please leave your advice for us below!