Sofa Styles–Part I

A Lawson style sofa done in luxurious white leather.

Over the years, the multiple seating furniture piece that is commonly called a sofa has had many names.  Couch is another popular term for a sofa and is the term I grew up using.  Some people still refer to a sofa as a davenport after the sofas made by the A. H. Davenport Company which was based in Boston. The Davenport Company began making sofas in 1887 and by the early twentieth century, the name davenport had come to refer to any sofa.  In some areas of the United States, the word davenport is used to refer to a sofa that pulls out to make a bed. In some parts of the nation, people also call sofas divans, although this is not a very common term.

However, sofa is the standard furniture industry term for this piece of functional furniture.  Sofas come in several basic styles: Lawson, Tuxedo, Chesterfield, Camelback, English (Club), Cabriole, sectional, mid-century modern, Bridgewater.  Sometimes a sofa may seem to be somewhat of a mix between two styles.

The Lawson, Tuxedo, and camelback styles are easy to recognize.  The Lawson is a sofa with arms which are lower than the back. The back is square, while the arms may be either square or rounding.  A Lawson sofa generally has separate seat cushions.  This style is very versatile and can be used in any style interior.  Your choice of fabric can make a Lawson sofa look modern or traditional. The Lawson’s shape makes it easy to re-upholster.  If you think that you may change your living room style often over the years, a top quality Lawson style sofa is a great investment.  It can always be re-upholstered to match the changes you make.

A Tuxedo style sofa in white leather or faux leather.

The Tuxedo style sofa has back and arms at the same height.  Some people don’t care for this style and feel that the arms are uncomfortable; however it is a classic basic style and can be upholstered in any fabric you desire.  Like the Lawson, the Tuxedo is right at home in any décor style.  Its appearance can be wonderfully changed by a simple re-upholstery job, making it a good investment.