Sofa Styles–Part III

A more fanciful version of  midcentury modern style.

The mid-century modern style has clean lines without extra ornamentation.  It is set on legs which are generally metal.  This style looks cool in minimalist and contemporary décors.  It will also harmonize well in an eclectic setting.  When it first appeared on the scene during the 1950s, this type of sofa was often done in the popular vinyl Naugahyde, the first brand of faux leather.  Today, this style of sofa looks great in the newest forms of faux leather such as the Ultrafabrics’ lines, as well as in authentic leather.

Faux leather is available in a wide range of colors including earthtone neutrals such as those shown here and vibrant brights.

The Bridgewater style sofa somewhat resembles the Club style sofa without the visible legs. This style is characterized by its slightly rounding back and arms, with the arms being set back away from the front of the seat.  Bridgewater sofas usually feature a skirt.

An L-shape sectional sofa with a chaise-lounge at one end.

Sectional sofas are composed of several seating pieces.  They may be L-shaped, or three-sided. They often include ottomans and sometimes incorporate an end table.  Sectionals with some reclining seats are common.  Curved sectionals are also available, but may require more floor space than those that fit against a wall.  Sectional sofas are a perennial favorite; they can be done in any fabric, although solid colors and small patterns are the most popular.  A sectional sofa can provide cozy seating for the entire family.  Sectional sofas are at home in formal living rooms and are great for more informal gathering areas, such as family rooms, and dens.