Special Occasion Fabric Banners

Craft burlap and felt

Fabric Banners can be a fun and inexpensive way to acknowledge a special occasion, especially if you make your own.  Birthday banners, Mother’s day banners, Easter banners, Christmas banners, Fourth of July banners,  and others can all be welcome additions to your party décor or you can simply hang one in someone’s room or office as a special surprise. Acknowledging a graduation or a job promotion this way will be greatly appreciated.

Ready-made banners for permanent outdoor use are often made of a thin vinyl, but when making your own banner for indoor use or for temporary use outdoors you can choose from a variety of materials. Burlap is an affordable, easy-to-use foundation material for banners.  Natural burlap looks great when you want a rustic or nostalgic look.  Colored craft burlap is excellent for making beautiful banners. Irish linen burlap makes extra special crafts.

Irish linen burlap

Felt is ideal for letters and pictures to decorate burlap banners.  Felt is an easy-to-work-with, non-woven fabric.  It does not ravel and it holds its shape well.

Craft felt is easy to use and is available in luscious colors.

Felt for crafting is available in a variety of colors.  It is sold by the yard and in convenient rectangles which are perfect when you need several different colors for one project.  Adhesive felt squares are a very convenient way to attach felt to a project without the use of glue; however, for a banner or other object that may receive a lot of use, I recommend using plain felt and a good-quality fabric glue.

You can hang your finished banner by making a hem at the top and inserting a dowel (stick) through it.  Attach a cord to each side of the dowel and you are ready to hang your creation.