State Pride Giveaway Winner

Thank you thank you to everyone who shared a bit of their background with us over the past week both here on our blog and on Facebook. I read every single one (tried to respond to most), and really enjoyed hearing about the places you come from throughout the US (and Canada, UK and Ireland!) As always it was so tough to choose winners…so I’ve decided to pick two winners for this first State Pride Giveaway, instead of one. And they are:


Here are two of the beautiful scenes Beth and Laura set for us:



Congrats ladies! — I will be in touch via email with your $50 OnlineFabricStore gift card. As for the rest of you, we have a bunch of new giveaways — including a State Pride feature next week! — and fun interactive spring stuff coming up in the next few days and weeks. If you want to stay on top of them just enter your email to the top right and click “subscribe.” Thanks again guys!