Stylish Grommets

Grommets are metal or plastic rings which snap together and cover the raw edges of a hole in fabric. They are both practical and stylish.  In recent years they have become increasingly popular for use in draperies and curtains, since they serve as built-in curtain rings.  Unlike traditional curtain hooks, grommets hold up draperies securely because the curtain rod is inserted directly through them. This look is fun for casual décors and you can choose many decorative curtain rod styles. Window treatments with grommets look great in formal décors as well.

Grommets can also serve as attractive decorations on purses and tote bags; they are especially good on canvas, leather, and faux leathers.  Small grommets (eyelets) are used to stabilize lacing holes.

These handy metal rings are available in a variety of sizes and colors.  Grommet tape is available for use on draperies.

Grommets are not difficult to install although they may seem intimidating at first.  Grommet pliers make installation very easy, but grommets can also be installed using a simple grommet press, a round grommet tool, and a hammer.

The press and tool must fit the size grommet you are going to install.

Use the press to make an indentation in the fabric the size of the grommet hole.  Carefully cut out the circle.

Place the grommet piece with the protruding side through the right side of the fabric to the wrong side.  Lay it on a protected solid surface with the protrusion facing up.  Place the other grommet piece over the protruding side and insert a round grommet tool into the hole.  Use the hammer to gently tap the top of the grommet tool, snapping the two sides together.


For an illustrated tutorial on installing grommets, see this one on Curbly.