Stylish Ottomans have Many Uses

Ottomans are also known as footstools or hassocks.  This versatile piece of furniture originated in Turkey, where it was used as the main seating for the family.  The name Ottoman comes from the Ottoman Empire which included Turkey.

Ottomans have really become multi-purpose pieces of furniture in recent years.  Traditionally thought of as only a footstool, today ottomans double as extra seating and the center of a seating area instead of a coffee table or cocktail table.  Four cube or round ottomans placed together in front of a sofa or sectional can function as a coffee table and be spread apart and used for seating when needed.

Many ottomans feature a hinged or removable lid which opens to reveal a hollow compartment for storage.

Ottomans are easy to re-upholster to suit your tastes.  They make a great first upholstery project, since most of them do not require much fabric.

Traditional footstool type ottomans (cushion on legs) sometimes can be re-upholstered by simply attaching new fabric over the old.  More elaborate footstool types with deep buttoning need more involved procedures, but these can be learned from books and from watching upholstery videos.

Cube type ottomans can be covered with slipcovers if you don’t want to undertake an upholstery job.

Ottomans of all shapes and sizes can also used in the bedroom.  Square and long ottomans can be placed at the foot of the bed.  Round ottomans make a nice seat in front of a vanity.

Long and cube ottomans can also be used in front of a window for a cozy window seat effect.