Summer Sewing

Efficient planning is the way to make your sewing dreams become reality. Begin planning now to make going back to school clothes or new work clothes for fall.  Collect your basic supplies so you will be ready when the time comes to actually sew the project.

Keep a supply of sewing notions on hand, so you will be ready when you are in the mood to sew.

Divide projects into easy to manage steps. When possible do all steps of a certain type at one time (for example, do all stay stitching at one time). This will make the project go more quickly

Trigger is a great basic season spanning fabric.
  •  Read the pattern instructions.  Reading the instructions completely, even if you have made the item before, can save you time and frustration.
Polyester poplin is another excellent season-spanning fabric.
  • Prepare the fabric
  • Lay out the fabric and the pattern
  • Cut out the pattern
  • Mark the cut out pieces
  • Do any prep work, such as stay stitching
  • Stitch long straight seams first such the sides of a skirt and sides of a blouse
  • Press the stitched seams; first press them flat to set the stitches and then press them open.
  • Fuse any fusible facings.
  • Stitch shoulder seams.
  • Insert sleeves
  • Sew interfacing
  • Finish garment: hems, buttonholes, buttons, zippers or other fasteners.
  • Enjoy your finished project