Take it step by step—Complete a sewing project even if you have little time Part I

Little time to sew? Try breaking your sewing projects in into small manageable steps and preparing your fabric ahead of time, so it will be ready to sew when you are. If your fabric needs preshrinking (the majority do), treat it as soon as possible after you get it, even if you know it will likely be months before you can begin sewing on it.

Then store it away neatly, in an easily accessible place, so you can get it out quickly when you are ready to sew. Some people store prepared fabric folded over a clothes hanger; you might even like to store the pattern you have picked for the project with the fabric, by placing it in a plastic bag and securing the bag to the hanger.

Place your matching notions, thread, zipper, buttons, trim and so on in the bag with the pattern. Now you have everything in place so you won’t have to hunt for something.