Take Stock of Your Fabric Stash

Collecting a fabric stash is a great habit for the home sewer.  You can save money by buying fabric on sale or clearance.  With careful planning you can stock up on basics along with fabulous unique textiles that just shout “buy me”.  With beautiful fabrics on hand, you will always be ready to sew.

A well planned fabric stash should include broadcloth in basic neutral colors along with interfacing in the weights you will use the most; lightweight interfacing is excellent if you plan on making many lightweight dresses and blouses, while medium weight is great for pants and many jackets.   You should also include all purpose thread in basic colors.

However, an unplanned stash may mean wasted dollars and time.  Don’t succumb to the temptation of buying twenty yards of gorgeous silk or satin just because it on sale, unless you know you will really use it.  Stashes collected by impulse buying can easily get out of hand.


For the most effective use of your stash I suggest keeping a written record of your purchases.  Write down the type and amount of material, as well as the price and what you intend to use the fabric for.  You don’t have to have a specific project or pattern in mind, but you should have a general idea of what you will use the fabric for.  For example, ” six yards of navy gabardine—possible pants suit or pants and a skirt” or  ” two yards of satin— for a short-sleeved blouse or lining for a vest” .

If you do have a particular pattern in mind, I suggest either making a note of it or keeping with the fabric.  This can prevent confusion later on when you want to work on your project.

If you already have  large fabric stash and don’t really know what you have, I suggest making an inventory of it.  Write down how much you have of each fabric and any thoughts you may have about  possible uses for it.  By keeping track of what you have, you will know exactly what you will need to buy for you next project.