The Difference Between Stage and Re-enactment Costumes

While both stage and re-enactment costumes span the range from simple peasant working clothes to elaborate formal wear for balls and parties, there are some differences. The goal of most re-enactors is authentic clothing as it would have actually been during the time period. This means that fabrics as near as possible to the originals are used and that authentic fasteners are used. Authentic fasteners, such as a long row of buttons, can be time consuming and difficult to close, but the strictest re-enactors welcome the challenge.

By contrast, stage actors need to make quick costume changes frequently. They cannot take the time to button numerous buttons or struggle out of a bulky skirt. Stage costumes are made so that the wearer can get quickly in and out of them. Modern inventions such as Velcro are a great boon for stage costume makers, but makers of re-enactment costumes generally avoid such modern items.