The Industrial look is a top 2010 trend

If you have visited a furniture or home decor store or flipped through a decorating magazine lately you have no doubt noticed that there is a lot of unfinished and unpolished metal items available.  This “industrial” look goes hand in hand with the popular rustic luxury design that is so popular right now. 

Both of these style trends are in response to our need to return to a simpler life without the complications of the economy, politics and anything else going on in the world around us.  The goal is to create a home that looks as if the items in it have been collected over a period of time.  It also satisfies anyone’s need to be “green” by reusing or repurposing many of these items.  To incorporate this look in your own home you can try some of these ideas.

  • Replace your wooden or wicker bar stools with  unupholstered metal stools.  They are comfortable, easy to care for and add an “edgy” look to your kitchen.  Check out the selection at
  • If you are lucky enough to find an old metal table for your dining room, pair it with wicker chairs to warm up the coldness of the metal. 
  • Vintage pharmacy carts and cabinets are a great way to add storage to a bathroom or dressing area.  They can also do double duty as a pantry in the kitchen.
  • Old machinery parts become unique artwork when hung on a wall or placed on a bookshelf.
  • Use hefty fabrics like suede, leather, even denim and add industrial embellishments like nailhead trim to upholstered pieces.

When you begin to look at items with a different “eye” you may find things that will add that edgy and industrial touch to your decor.