Try out your Appliqué Skills with Holiday Crafts

Holiday appliqués can be made out of cotton broadcloth and will give your projects a special touch. An appliqué project can be a two or more person job, if you like. Someone who is good at cutting out craft items, but has little experience with sewing may like to cut out appliqué shapes, and leave the sewing to the more experienced.

This can be great if you are working on items for a charity, a fund raiser, or as decorations for a special event. Make sure each person knows their role before you begin and it should smooth sailing.

McCalls is featuring some darling holiday craft ideas. Pattern M416 features turkey and Santa Claus shaped placemats. Two table cloth patterns are included: autumn leaves and Christmas trees.

McCalls pattern M5547 comes with a wide assortment of delightful Christmas items, appliquéd with snowmen and penguins. There is a mother/daughter apron, a tree skirt, an oven mitt, a greeting card holder, a hanging banner, and Christmas stockings