Ugly Bird Couch: A Journey

Furniture that has been in your life for a while takes on its own identity, does it not? You know, despite faded, worn upholstery and perhaps a slight musty smell—it just grows on you. OFS has one of those pieces.

Guys, meet Ugly Bird Couch.




Quite a few years back Mayer apparently saved this little loveseat from being thrown away. Sure, the upholstery was not ideal, but the sofa itself was really well made locally here in Massachusetts and, most importantly, it was still functional and comfortable. Have to pat him on the back there. Ugly Bird Couch was not destined for the dumpster.

It hung out in Mayer’s office for a while, and then served a neglected stint in the warehouse. When OFS began growing out of office space, Kate took one for the team and temporarily worked out of a once-MEN’S BATHROOM while new offices were being built. It was there she and Ugly Bird Couch bonded. And thus Ugly Bird Couch was welcomed into her freshly painted, plumbing-free office when the big renovation was complete. Well, as long as it was willing to adapt to its new surroundings.

So Kate introduced Ugly Bird Couch to its new identity: Waverly Lovely Lattice Caviar. Yes, Caviar. That’s how far you’ve come Ugly Bird Couch!



I brought in Angel, a local and OFS-trusted upholstery guy, to give it a once-over. He and Mayer discussed the cost of creating said new Ugly Bird Couch identity. It went well for Angel. Angel took Ugly Bird Couch away.



I just love the Waverly Print Kate picked for Ugly Bird Couch and can’t wait to see how its new look will liven up her work space. Which would YOU use to reupholster a loved piece back to life if you could choose anything from OFS décor fabric?