Use Waverly Fabric Collections for a Pulled Together Look

waverly-living-roomWithout the help of a decorator, it can be difficult sometimes to combine fabrics, paint and wallpaper in a way that will achieve the look you want.  Using the color combinations that Waverly provides makes decorating as easy as 1-2-3.  Choose from one of their many collections.

Past Perfect

This collection combines soft shades of red, taupe and green in patterns that include a rich stripe, a vintage inspired floral and an interesting coral pattern.  Using these Waverly fabrics
in a room will provide you with a soothing and somewhat nostalgic environment.

Modern Essentials

If something more neutral and up to date is what you are looking for, the Modern Essentials line may be perfect for you.  Neutral shades of brown, cream, yellow and gray come to life on geometric patterns.

Cultural Rythyms

A world-traveled and eclectic look is provided by patterns and colors found in the Cultural Rythyms collection. Warm cinnamon red, burnt orange, luscious brown and golden beige colors combine to create a warm and inviting space.

Town and Country

The traditional stripes and floral patterns found in the Town and Country line have a timeless appeal.  The rich dark chocolate and beige color palette makes it possible to use other colors as interesting accents.  This might include bright lime green, deep rich garnet or a warm gold.

You can use these collections in their entirety or mix and match them with other fabrics in the room.  Either way, you are guaranteed a beautiful space.