We Saw Your Boots

Remember Seth McFarlane at the Oscar’s? You know, that performance that offended lots of people? Well, a few weeks have passed and it still hasn’t really left me. But not for the reason you might think.

Still from ABC's 2013 Oscars

Still from ABC’s 2013 Oscars

You see, I watched from my sofa as the song unfolded, and found myself both cringing and occasionally giggling throughout. I glanced over at my husband thinking, are we watching the Oscars? Then I directed my attention to my three-year-old son innocently enjoying the harmless song and dance routine, wondering if I should switch the channel. NOT our finest parenting three minutes, for sure.

When a commercial break came along, our little guy sauntered over to us, singing something that sounded like the little number Seth McFarlane had just riled up millions of people with. Slightly alarmed, I asked him to repeat himself, and held my breath waiting for his reply. With the cutest little knowing smirk he sang, pitch-perfectly: “We saw your BOOTS! We saw your BOOTS!”

Relieved and highly amused, we burst out laughing. And ever since that night he has been going around playing with different versions: “We saw your boots! I FOUND your boots!” And it has caught on for all of us.  So thank you Seth. However sexist your performance was, it has sparked a little (G-Rated) fun in our house.