Wedding Decor Inspiration: Burlap

Eight years ago my husband and I planned our own June wedding on a dime. We had about 30 of our Swedish friends and family flying in, so we focused our time and limited budget on blending the wedding traditions from our respective cultures, and making sure everyone had a wonderful experience over the course of several days. Hard to believe it but “back then,” there weren’t nearly as many DIY wedding resources online (and forget Pinterest!), so our reception decor ended up being very basic. Daisies and white tea light candles on tables. We hand-painted guest names on beach stones we had collected together in Cape Cod. Instead of numbers, we used our home printer to name each table after places we had lived together across three different countries. We also wrote, printed and bound by hand a “who’s who” book, so that guests would know how everyone fit into the puzzle of our lives.

And we were happy with everything, aside from the 100 degree weather. BUT, if I were to do it again, I definitely would have incorporated more fabric into our DIY efforts. There’s something about draping fabric that feels so romantic and festive. And no matter how trendy burlap is right now, the unique possibilities for use on a wedding day are endless. It can be left simple, revealing its charming, rustic qualities, or it can be manipulated into something truly elegant by pairing with other materials. The best part? It’s cheap.

Style Me Pretty is overflowing with inspiration from real-life, beautiful weddings, so I wanted to share a few images of ways couples are using burlap in the details of their big day.

style-me-pretty-burlap1 style-me-pretty-burlap2 style-me-pretty-burlap3

Getting married? Tell us about your ideas for decor! Are you having a theme? Specific colors? Unique traditions? Will you use fabric in any way throughout your ceremony or reception?