Wedding Tablescapes

When you attend a wedding reception, the mixture of people that make up your table matters. It can make or break your experience because, let’s face it, there are good tables and there are bad, very bad tables. You know, that awkward mix of guests who barely know of one another, if at all, sitting elbow to elbow and exchanging fake pleasantries as they saw through overcooked filet mignon. Or you can get lucky and get “the good table.” When you’re at the good table it doesn’t matter if you know the other guests or not. The chemistry is just right between everyone and it’s like you have a pact you’ve all silently agreed upon to (gasp!) have fun while you’re there.

But if you’re planning the seating chart, which is neither an easy or fun task, you will never get that balance of people right at every table. But you will very likely always have a few who tell you so, too. So what can you do? You can make that the prettiest darn table those guys have ever had the pleasure of sitting around. So elegant or colorful or fun or [fill-inthe-blank] that even if your guests despise each other from across the table, at least they will utterly enjoy the scenery in between. So. Don’t sweat the actual seating chart too much. Concentrate on making the decor, the centerpiece, the place settings (and food and drink!) memorable and enjoyable. Here are some photos from Style Me Pretty to get you inspired.