Wicked Easy Spring Wreath

After months of (mostly) lurking on my favorite home decor and crafting blogs, today I dove into DIY and made a burlap wreath. Surrounded by a few innately creative types here at OFS, I felt slightly insecure about this venture. And on top of it, I was all exposed and vulnerable working at the collaboration area table for all to see. But I did it guys. I didn’t really start with a plan, just had a general idea and made it up as I went along. So here’s a little tutorial if you’re interested in trying this very easy, very basic spring wreath.



  • Foam Wreath
  • Burlap or another reversible fabric
  • Silky fabric and/or mesh netting
  • Stick pins


First I gathered some color burlap Clara sweetly shared from her office stash. I wanted it to have some fun color for a spring feel so I selected the blue and the green burlap from the pile.


Next I cut approximately six inch long by one inch wide strips (eyeballing it).


Then Kate walked by and recommended I might not want to use the blue with the green because it will look ugly. Fair enough. Good point. And with an artist’s eye like hers, I listened.

I simply began wrapping each six-inch long strip around the foam wreath and tying in a double knot. I kept them close together as I added them all around the foam wreath.

Full credit to Kate (again!) for the next step. I added color by creating flowers using sample squares of Magenta Charmeuse I had, some New Plum Taffeta and some color mesh. I layered a few of each fabric together and pinched it all from the bottom, gathering it up. I then simply pinned it conspicuously into the wreath. And here’s the finished product.



Thanks to Simple Home Life’s Blog, Bloom Designs, Domestic Superhero, I Gotta Create and Artsy Fartsy Mama for hosting DIY craft Linky Parties!

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