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Roclon Muslin Fabric

Roc-lon is the name in Muslin fabric. Rockland Industries was founded in 1832 and today manufactures a wide-range of Muslin fabrics under the Roc-lon brand name.

Roc-lon Muslin is quality 100% cotton. Durable and easy to sew, this fabric can be used for slopers, crafts, and quilt backs.

If you want the convenience of using one piece of fabric for your quilt or comforter back, 120” Roc-lon Bleached Muslin is the perfect choice. Bleached Muslin is white and goes with any color. This 120” width fabric makes it easy to back your quilt or comforter. It can also be used for sheets and pillow cases.

Roc-lon Bleached Muslin in the 120” width is also perfect for stage backdrops! It provides the perfect background for any color of paint.

If you are making garment slopers, Roc-lon 45” Muslin is a great choice. Available in both the Bleached and Unbleached varieties, the 45” width can be used for many crafts. Tote bags and re-useable grocery bags look great in this inexpensive fabric. You can decorate your finished handiwork with fabric paint, embroidery, sequins, and trim. Choose quality Roc-lon Muslin for you next project.
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