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Swavelle / Mill Creek Fabric

Swavelle / Mill Creek Fabric, formerly known as Associated Textiles, has been a maker of fine upholstery, slipcover and drapery treatment fabric since 1982. Headquartered in New York City, but operating warehouses out of South Carolina, Swavelle / Mill Creek produces home décor fabric with exquisite detail and finely crafted workmanship. Its best designs border on the sumptuous, with rich color schemes and coordinating color accents. Swavelle / Mill Creek material often borrows the tonal qualities of dark chocolates, burgundies, and ochres, as well as gold and copper accents.

For a stunning example of the decorator fabric company's richly appointed style, look at Swavelle / Mill Creek Lucky Stripe fabric rendered in smoky tobacco tones.

It would be wrong to imply that the company has only a single style however, as their charming floral motif décor fabrics (such as Noblesse and Valentina fabric) clearly demonstrate, and the allure of Swavelle/Mill Creek Imperial Dragonfly fabric lies in its elegant simplicity.

For a refined sense of style from often breathtakingly designed decorator fabric, Swavelle / Mill Creek fabric is a name well worth putting on the top of your décor fabrics list.
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