Fabric Glossary


Gabardine Material:

A woven twill fabric which can be used for dresses, suits, skirts, jackets, and pants.  It is appropriate for business attire for both women and men.  Gabardine material is very versatile. It comes in several colors and is generally made of polyester.  Wool gabardine is also common and is suitable for tailoring; it can be used for year-around garments.  Gabardine is wrinkle resistant and easy to cut.  It is suitable for sewers of all skill levels and is affordable for most budgets.

Gauze Fabric:

Open weave, sheer fabric which generally made of cotton or silk.  The cotton, colored varieties have a crinkled/wrinkled look, which is part of their charm.  Gauze fabric is cool and comfortable for garments such as dresses and blouses.  It comes in an amazing selection of colors and is easy for advanced beginning sewers to work with.  Gauze also makes sheer, lightweight stylish curtains.  In addition it can be used for crafts; however, gauze fabric used for garments should not be confused with cheesecloth which is also sometimes called gauze and is used for crafts.  


A semi-sheer or sheer woven fabric with a slight pebble texture. It is made from silk or polyester.  Georgette fabric is suitable for flowing dresses, inserts, and blouses.  It makes lovely cap sleeves.


Cotton or polyester woven, medium weight or lightweight fabric with a check design.  Gingham is a classic casual fabric. It is ideal for dresses, curtains, tablecloths, and children’s clothes.

Glitter Tulle:

Fine mesh fabric sprinkled with glitter. Tulle is an airy, somewhat stiff, fine mesh fabric which is used for garments and special occasion decorating.  It is used for beautiful overskirts on full skirted evening and wedding gowns.  It is also used as layered petticoats or underskirts to make full skirts stand out.  In addition, this delicate looking fabric is used to drape ceiling and tables for banquets and receptions.  Glitter tulle adds an extra touch of glamour to any use of this fabric.  It is available in many colors.

Goose Down Pillow Forms:

Cloth pillow forms stuffed with a percentage of down feathers from geese.  Goose down pillow forms are available in many shapes and sizes, including bolster pillow style.  Down feathers have long been known for being one of the most comfortable stuffings available, as well as for having insulating properties.  Down pillows provide the right amount of support for the head and neck, conforming to individual needs.  In addition, pillows made with this natural product last much longer than most synthetic pillows.  They can last ten years or longer if properly cared for.


Veiling which is soft and similar to gauze. Gossamer was originally made of silk.

Grain Sacks:

Cloth bags used to store grain or animal feed.  Grain sacks are made of sisal, muslin, or burlap, with burlap being the most common material. They usually have drawstring fastener.  They can be purchased new for horticultural or storage use and they can also be purchased used, with a company logo.   Used feed sacks with logos are used in crafts and make interesting conversation pieces.  See also, “feed sacks” “burlap sacks” “coffee sacks”.


A warp-faced, firmly woven fabric. It has distinctive round ribs. Grosgrain is commonly found as a ribbon, but it is also available as full width fabric.


Fabric with distinctive yarn points on the surface.  Grospoint is similar to epinglé.

Gunny Sacks:

Another name for burlap or sisal sacks or bags. Gunny sacks are used for feed, seed, or produce such as potatoes and usually are fastened with a drawstring. They can be bought new or used.  Used sacks often have interesting company logos on them. They can be made into craft items, such as pillow.   They can also be used to ball tree roots and as weed barrier fabric.  The natural jute fiber used make burlap, eventually disintegrates when used on the soil, providing natural nutrients to plants. See also “grain sacks” “burlap sacks” and “coffee sacks.”