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Jute Erosion Control Cloth

Jute Erosion Control Cloth

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Content:100% Jute
Weight:15 Oz
This Jute Erosion Control Cloth is a tough, natural, biodegradable geotextile used to stabilize slopes and control soil erosion. Otherwise known as JGT (Jute Geotextile), this product provides an economical and effective alternative to many other erosion control methods.
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Natural material that will biodegrade to control soil erosion (landscaping)
ANN C on Aug 15, 2017
It is the best way to hold down seed and hay when seeding on steep and windy slopes
Lauren G on Jul 29, 2017
Natural material that will biodegrade to control soil erosion (landscaping)
ANN C on Aug 15, 2017
I have used this product in the past. It is very effective for erosion control and it is economical
Shirley H on Aug 7, 2017
It is the best way to hold down seed and hay when seeding on steep and windy slopes
Lauren G on Jul 29, 2017
From the picture it looks like the perfect texture I was looking for
A M on Jul 22, 2017
significantly beats the price of the local hardware stores and nurseries. Works great!
SUSAN C on Jul 13, 2017
I needed this to help fix my lawn that is being washed away by the rain
RICHARD L on Jul 12, 2017
Using fabric to make drapes
MICHELE G on Jul 8, 2017
Great price
REBECCA J on Jul 6, 2017
use for eco art piece
CHRISTINE H on Jul 2, 2017
I am using this jute erosion cloth for indoor crafts and decor.
TARA W on Jun 28, 2017
I picked this company because of the price.
MONICA B on Jun 20, 2017
I need something to stop soil erosion on a steep slope. I hope this will work.
brenda d on Jun 17, 2017
JC1662 on Jun 10, 2017
I've been looking for this erosion cloth everywhere. I'm renovating my garden, which is on a slope, and need to get rid of lots of ivy. Once I pull up the ivy, and block regrowth, I'm going to need something to counteract erosion on the slope.
GRAEME B on May 26, 2017
My lakeshore bank is eroding and I'm trying to plant native grasses. The high water level and wave action is wiping out the plants. They need help!
ELIZABETH M on May 18, 2017
I have a steep slope and mulch gets washed away before too long. So now I'm going to plant a thick ground cover plant to help with erosion control. I'll be spreading seeds over the entire hill. This jute mesh will help keep the seeds in place while they grow and will prevent further soil erosion while I'm waiting for the ground cover.plants to fill in. By the time this jute biodegrades, the plants will take over its job of controlling soil erosion.
JANET D on Apr 30, 2017
Easer to plant plugs in the jute with wider spacing.
Sharon H on Apr 27, 2017
trying to keep mulch from sliding on hillside
DAVID J on Apr 25, 2017
THOMAS S on Apr 17, 2017
For decoration
LORYE G on Apr 15, 2017
Selected for erosion control and temporary cover of new gardening areas.
KATHLEEN M on Apr 7, 2017
Good for slopes. natural, biodegradable
JENNIFER D on Apr 6, 2017
I did some comparative shopping and this is by far the best price. With free shipping, you can't go wrong, and it's nice that it's delivered to your door.
Sally D on Apr 2, 2017
I chose this material to treat a set piece for a musical we're currently working on.
SHADOE V on Mar 16, 2017
Looking to do a little landscaping with my gardening this year
LANA P on Mar 10, 2017
I am going to use this product on a hill. I read people's reviews and pricing made me buy this product. Thanks
Donna V on Mar 7, 2017
I am building a hugelkultur and the dirt wouldn't stay on it, and the cats were digging on it, and I didn't need 100 yards of this and you sell it by the yard, exactly what I needed.
Thank you.
TIMOTHY H on Mar 3, 2017
perhaps ceiling material for new house.
SHELLY K on Mar 1, 2017
For theater draping that can be seen through, and will catch different colored lights in interesting ways.
CLYDE S on Feb 24, 2017
Good price, free shipping. Will use for erosion control.
LAURA M on Feb 20, 2017
Incredibly reliable material when establishing a new lawn from seed. i used this material a couple of years ago when placing grass seed to a steep slope and it held all materials in place beautifully. I am a firm believer that this material trumps placing 'hay' straw down as a barrier.

barbara d on Feb 17, 2017
LORI B on Feb 14, 2017
To help with hillside erosion for my lawn care business.
KATHY G on Jan 23, 2017
I am using this for a theater set! Love it. Prices are great
valerie s on Jan 4, 2017
best price
KARA P on Dec 31, 2016
I saw some hanging n a shop for window treatment, have been looking for it ever since. Wasn't sure what I was called.
THERESA G on Dec 31, 2016
Curtains for my art studio
MARIANNE M on Dec 15, 2016
For stage use-economical
SANDRA P on Dec 14, 2016
erosion control--residential landscape
STEVE B on Dec 3, 2016
I use it on Christmas trees and in my brick & mortar store for displays. It's VERY MESSY for indoor use but worth the cleanup trouble in my opinion. I love the rustic look!
SHERRI B on Nov 29, 2016
Making draperies, hanging with rings on bamboo
SCOTT M on Nov 28, 2016
to make open air curtains for my RV home ...
KARL B on Nov 26, 2016
To keep my chickens from tearing down the dirt berm. My neighbor used this or a similar product on his berms, and that prevents my chickens doing too much damage.
EMELIE O on Nov 25, 2016
I chose this because it was more affordable than the box store options in my area.
ELSIE T on Oct 31, 2016
I belive it is the right product to help me with my hillside issue.
Haddy E on Oct 26, 2016
Erosion conrol
KENNETH H on Oct 10, 2016
beach inspired tablescape
CASSANDRA P on Oct 6, 2016
best price!! best shipping!! Thank you~
KAREN W on Oct 5, 2016
This is used for scenic purposes at our theater.
DARLIN B on Oct 5, 2016
To make a bedskirt.
SYLVIA S on Oct 2, 2016
I have used this product in the past. It is very effective for erosion control and it is economical
Shirley H on Aug 7, 2017
From the picture it looks like the perfect texture I was looking for
A M on Jul 22, 2017
How many months does it take to biodegrade?
A shopper on Jan 13, 2017
Will it hold mulch in place if I spread the mulch on top of the cloth?
A shopper on Mar 16, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It should.
Is this product treated with diesel fuel or other toxic product? I'm using it for a Halloween party.
A shopper on Sep 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: When Erosion Cloth is manufactured, a small amount of petroleum based oil is used to soften the jute fibers before spinning. Erosion cloth is primarily used to cover dirt hills and grades to prevent erosion. It is also often used in theatrical applications but is usually custom finished to be fire retardant in these cases.
Will This help in new lawns from seed to keep birds out ?
A shopper on Sep 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: NO. It is mainly for erosion control on hill sides.
I have 2 to 1 slopes of bare dirt leading down to and away from a new intended garage. Should I seed, mulch then overlay with the fiber?
A shopper on Jul 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We recommend consulting a landscaper.
how long does it take for this product to biodegrade in soil?
A shopper on Apr 16, 2017
Can it be used indoors?
A shopper on Dec 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: We wouldn't recommend it for indoor decorative use because it has a strong odor and sheds fibers easily.
Can I wrap around tomato cage to protect garden plants from small animals?
A shopper on Jul 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The openings may be too big for animals like mice, plus a determined animal could probably chew through it.
Will this catch on fire if the area is too dry?
A shopper on Jul 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It is not flame retardant.
About how lg are the openings in the 48/10 burlap?
A shopper on Jul 20, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Approximately 0.5" x 1"
Can you use it in ravines next to gravel roads to prevent any further erosion ?
A shopper on Jul 2, 2017
BEST ANSWER: This erosion cloth is made to use with soil, we can't say for sure how it will perform with gravel.
how many yards are on a roll of jute?
A shopper on Jun 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We cut this material from extremely large rolls.
Can I shoot Hydroseed over it ?
A shopper on Jun 20, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I do not know the answer to your question. I suggest you call a couple hydoseeding companies and ask them. I used the cloth on the ground to cover a newly seeded area and then pulled it up by hand.
Does the cloth require any type of pegs at the top to keep it from sliding down a steep hill? If so, what is used and do you provide those?
A shopper on Jun 15, 2017
BEST ANSWER: You could use stakes, or rocks. Something weighted would work fine.
How will jute matting hold up with deer walking on it?
A shopper on Jun 14, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We haven't had anyone ask about that application, but it should be OK. Please keep in mind that this material is biodegradable so it will degrade over time.
Will it keep volcanic rock from sliding down?
A shopper on May 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We wouldn't recommend this product for that use because it's biodegradable and would disintegrate over time.
We have snakes and small wildlife getting caught in plastic netting in erosion control blankets. Will this allow trapped wildlife to squeeze through if they are caught in it?
Michael O on May 9, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It really depends on the size of the critters. The spaces in between the weave are about 0.5" x 1", but this jute erosion cloth has some 'give' to it so the holes can be stretched apart slightly.
How many yards will i need fir a 10x22 slope?
A shopper on Apr 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: You'd need about 19 yards. You would need to attach a few widths together to get 10' across.
would this work as a garden trellis?
A shopper on Apr 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It probably wouldn't.
How would this come packaged? For instance, 70 yds...two rolls or all on one roll? I'm trying to judge weight for moving it around once it's delivered. I need more than the 50 yds question asked earlier.
A shopper on Apr 2, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It would most likely come on one roll.
Is this fire retardant? Using it on stage with some lights and want to make sure.
A shopper on Mar 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: This fabric does not have FR properties.
How much does jute weigh per yard? For example 50 yards will weigh? (Trying to understand how much one person can reasonable expect to handle/move around).
A shopper on Jan 28, 2017
BEST ANSWER: A 50 yard roll will weigh about 65-70 pounds.
what is the aperture width?
A shopper on Jan 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: If you mean the size of the spaces between the weave, that varies. Most of the spaces between the weave measures about 0.5" x 1", give or take a bit.
I have a yard that I just scraped, filled and added topsoil - will this fabric hold the soil in til spring when I can seed?
A shopper on Nov 5, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this erosion control cloth should work well for that purpose.
will this help to hold a slope and can i plant thru it? thank you
A shopper on Sep 21, 2016
Is it safe to use on slopes running off into lakes since it has oil in it?
A shopper on Apr 22, 2017
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Easy to install and so far is doing a great job keeping the soil from sliding down the hill.
Easy install. The soil, so far, has not moved and is no longer sliding down the hill onto the sidewalk.
February 12, 2017
6 months ago
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Jute Erosion Control Cloth
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