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Product ID: 31531.615
Kravet 31531.615 Fabric

Kravet 31531.615 Fabric

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Content:100% Olefin
Country of Origin:USA
Finish:Softened, Stain Repellent
Collection:Barbara Barry
Care:Water Based Cleaners


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19574.2121 19574 2121
19574.44 19574 44
19574.511 19574 511
25370.16 Silk Plush Sand
25374.15 Sanded Seamist
25375.416 29537 416
25376.5 Chic Check Seaside
25377.117 Shimmering Shell
25377.15 Shimmering Spa
25377.5 Shimmering Delft
25379.106 Fishnet Platinum
25387.1116 Soft Weave Ivory
25388.15 25388 15
25388.16 25388 16
25389.116 Shelter Champagne
25389.15 Shelter Caspian
25389.16 Shelter Limestone
25389.24 Shelter Toast
25389.3 Shelter Moss
25389.516 Shelter Denim
25389.52 Shelter Lagoon
25391.116 Poodle Chino
25391.16 Poodle Alabaster
25391.24 Poodle Spice
25392.3 Plush Band Ivy
25394.15 Wickerwork Delft
25394.316 Wickerwork Willow
25394.516 Wickerwork Dew
25394.624 Wickerwork Sienna
25395.135 Cozy Cord Aegean
25398.106 Streamer Flax
25398.15 Streamer Glacier
25398.16 Streamer Limestone
25398.1615 Streamer Seaglass
25402.124 Heathered Melon
25402.3 Heathered Moss
25402.6 Heathered Mahogany
25405.1615 Dashing Caspian
25408.1 Impression Oyster
25418.16 Gros Point Flax
25419.16 Refinement Flax
25419.4 Refinement Topaz
25419.5 Refinement Ocean
27511.1 Effervesce Ivory
27511.15 Effervesce Glacier
27513.16 Dreamweave Abalone
27598.116 Openwork Champagne
27599.11 Old World Palomino
27599.135 Old World Seaglass
27599.15 Old World Seaside
27599.16 Old World Flax
27599.5 Old World Lapis
27630.6 Butterwool Espresso
27661.15 Luxe Loops Glacier
27664.124 27664 124
27664.1515 Luxe Plush Heron
27664.2121 Luxe Plush Falcon
27664.44 Luxe Plush Copper
27664.505 Luxe Plush Seaside
27664.511 Luxe Plush Glacier
27664.66 27664 66
27682.15 Pure Linen Glacier
28636.15 Warmth Froth
28645.117 Night Sky Rosewater
28645.15 Night Sky Glacier
28645.16 Night Sky Alabaster
28647.115 Masonry Seaglass
28647.15 Masonry Lagoon
28649.15 Quilted Froth
28655.15 Floralina Mist
28664.16 Charming Oyster
28691.15 Striation Froth
28691.23 Striation Agave
28697.716 Moire Line Rosewater
28700.115 First Bloom Lagoon
28709.16 My Thai Ivory
28711.115 Celestial Glacier
28711.6 Celestial Mink
28820.15 Crosshatch Spa
28820.16 Crosshatch Stone
29475.15 29475 15
29475.23 29475 23
29504.106 29504 106
29506.16 29506 16
29507.1 29507 1
29507.15 29507 15
29508.116 29508 116
29508.24 29508 24
29508.516 29508 516
29521.15 29521 15
29521.5 29521 5
29537.416 29537 416
29545.115 29545 115
29545.15 29545 15
29549.6 29549 6
29554.106 29554 106
29554.15 29554 15
29554.16 29554 16
29554.1615 29554 1615
29922.511 River Rock Blue Haze
29923.52 Astral Oceana
29925.11 Softcheck Mineral
29931.4 Elaboration Autumn
29931.516 Elaboration Grassland
29946.11 Rustico Mineral
29946.1516 Rustico Glacier
29947.11 Ribbons Mineral
29951.16 Envelop Goldleaf
29952.616 Facets Gold Leaf
29953.5 Tactile Yangtze
29961.416 Poetic Plush Cumin
29961.516 Poetic Plush Heron
29971.116 29971 116
31435.11 Plain Sailing Horizon
31435.616 Plain Sailing Granite
31531.16 Checked Out
31531.312 Checked Out
8734.15 Strie Ice
8734.16 Strie Oyster
8734.1624 Strie Ginger
8734.316 Strie Flax
IN BLOOM.15 In Bloom Aqua Mist
IN BLOOM.17 In Bloom Blush
IN BLOOM.316 In Bloom Grass
T30296.106 Bijou Bauble Stone
T30296.16 Bijou Bauble Limestone
T30296.35 Bijou Bauble Seamist
T30296.6 Bijou Bauble Truffle
T30297.1 Signature Oval Tape Salt
T30297.135 Signature Oval Tape Ice
T30297.16 Signature Oval Tape Camel
T30297.3 Signature Oval Tape Sage
T30297.635 Signature Oval Tape Lagoon
T30299.106 Satin Basketweave Cord Flax
T30299.135 Satin Basketweave Cord Spa
T30300.106 Rustic Chic Cord Flax
T30300.135 Rustic Chic Cord Spa
T30447.35 Moon Shell Lagoon
T30448.1 Pearl Shells Salt
T30450.1 Perfect Mini Salt
T30450.10 Perfect Mini Amethyst
T30450.135 Perfect Mini Seaglass
T30450.16 Perfect Mini Oyster
T30450.3 Perfect Mini Bamboo
T30450.35 Perfect Mini Lagoon
T30450.6 Perfect Mini Espresso
T30451.1 High Tide Salt
T30451.16 High Tide Oyster
T30451.35 High Tide Lagoon
T30452.1 Luxe Loop Salt
T30452.16 Luxe Loop Oyster
T30452.3 Luxe Loop Nbamboo
T30452.35 Luxe Loop Lagoon
T30452.616 Luxe Loop Pumice
T30453.1 Oval Overlay Salt
T30453.10 Oval Overlay Amethyst
T30453.16 Oval Overlay Oyster
T30453.35 Oval Overlay Seaglass
T30454.1 Petite Rouche Salt
T30454.3 Petite Rouche Bamboo
T30454.35 Petite Rouche Lagoon
T30454.616 Petite Rouche Pumice
T30455.1 Sea Sprig Band Salt
T30455.16 Sea Sprig Band Oyster
T30455.35 Sea Sprig Band Seaglass
T30456.1 Nautilus Cord Salt
T30456.10 Nautilus Cord Amethyst
T30456.16 Nautilus Cord Oyster
T30456.24 Nautilus Cord Sunset
T30456.35 Nautilus Cord Lagoon
T30456.6 Nautilus Cord Espresso
T30457.1 Pearl Filigree Salt
T30573.416 Feng Shui Piping Emperor
T30573.6 Feng Shui Piping Oolong
T30573.9 Feng Shui Piping Cinnabar
T30576.1066 Foo Foo Fringe Fig
T30576.24 Foo Foo Fringe Cinnabar
T30576.315 Foo Foo Fringe Celadon
T30576.355 Foo Foo Fringe Yangtze
T30576.416 Foo Foo Fringe Ginseng
T30577.1066 Shanghai Cord Fig
T30577.11 Shanghai Cord Varnish
T30577.16 Shanghai Cord Pearl
T30577.24 Shanghai Cord Cinnabar
T30577.30 Shanghai Cord Ginseng
T30577.35 Shanghai Cord Celadon
T30577.355 Shanghai Cord Yangtze
T30577.6 Shanghai Cord Oolong
TA5237.135 Boa Brush Fringe Seamist
TA5237.15 Boa Brush Fringe Ocean
TA5237.515 Boa Brush Fringe Marine
TA5237.6 Boa Brush Fringe Java
TA5238.35 Basketweave Tape Lagoon
WATER TINT.110 Water Tint Heather
WATER TINT.115 Water Tint Sky
WATER TINT.16 Water Tint Sand
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Kravet 31531.615 Fabric

Kravet 31531.615 Fabric


Kravet 31531.615 Fabric
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