Kravet Kravet 32934.335 Waterline Lilypad Fabric 32934.335
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Product ID: 32934.335
Kravet 32934.335 Waterline Lilypad Fabric

Kravet 32934.335 Waterline Lilypad Fabric

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Content:72% Polyester, 27% Recycled Polyester, 1% Metallic
Horizontal Repeat:15"
Vertical Repeat:13.5"
Country of Origin:USA
Collection:Contract Gis
Care:Water Based Cleaners
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Sample Size: 4" x 4"

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31513.6 Circle Time Java
31513.624 Circle Time Blackberry
31514.135 Pile On Seaglass
31514.16 Pile On Dune
31514.6 Pile On Brown Sugar
31516.12 Accolade Persimmon
31516.135 Accolade Opal
31516.4 Accolade Lemongrass
31516.5 Accolade Sapphire
31516.616 Accolade Flax
31518.3 Magnetic Pear
31519.10 Activate Thistle
31519.106 Activate Limestone
31519.12 Activate Paprika
31519.21 Activate Pewter
31520.6 Lead The Way Thunder
31522.666 Off Course Flax
31523.135 String Along Grotto
31523.16 String Along Dune
31523.1615 String Along Opal
31523.3 String Along Wasabi
31523.6 String Along Copper
31523.617 String Along Rhubarb
31524.19 Kasan Paprika
31524.316 Kasan Wasabi
31524.6 Kasan Java
31524.610 Kasan Sunset
31524.615 Kasan Bracken
31525.24 Hypnotize Paprika
31525.3 Hypnotize Mimosa
31525.5 Hypnotize Ink
31526.106 Clockwork Opal
31526.16 Clockwork Lemongrass
31526.5 Clockwork Sapphire
31526.6 Clockwork Copper
31526.816 Clockwork Gold Ring
31527.21 Vine Drive Lotus
31527.4 Vine Drive Golden Berry
31527.416 Vine Drive Lemongrass
31527.624 Vine Drive Copper
31528.16 Mizu Tusk
31528.4 Mizu Lemongrass
31529.10 Keen Thistle
31529.24 Keen Copper
31529.35 Keen Mermaid
31529.4 Keen Inca
31529.81 Keen Mercury
31530.816 Trespass Lotus
31530.97 Trespass Casbah
31532.6 So Vine Brown Sugar
31533.12 Shifty Mango
31533.9 Shifty Mulberry
31534.315 Straight Ahead Grotto
31535.315 Round About Lagoon
31535.624 Round About Brown Sugar
31541.1610 About Face Mulberry
31541.616 About Face Inca
31542.411 Medina Lemongrass
31542.416 Medina Inca
31542.516 Medina Sapphire
31542.530 Medina Grotto
31542.616 Medina Thunder
31542.630 Medina Wasabi
31543.10 Roadline Berry
31543.106 Roadline Basil
31543.12 Roadline Persimmon
31543.1210 Roadline Fusion
31543.310 Roadline Mulberry
31543.311 Roadline Lotus
31543.315 Roadline Opal
31543.316 Roadline Wasabi
31543.416 Roadline Mimosa
31543.5 Roadline Sapphire
31543.511 Roadline Coastal
31543.516 Roadline Grotto
31543.6 Roadline Brown Sugar
31543.611 Roadline Inca
31543.612 Roadline Spice
31543.910 Roadline Fiesta
31543.912 Roadline Casbah
31544.21 Tessa Pewter
31544.424 Tessa Canyon
31544.6 Tessa Brown Sugar
31545.24 Transport Copper
31545.3 Transport Wasabi
31545.5 Transport Sapphire
31545.519 Transport Fiesta
31545.615 Transport Seaglass
31545.912 Transport Casbah
31546.1 Beaming Tusk
31546.106 Beaming Dune
31546.21 Beaming Pewter
31546.3 Beaming Wasabi
31546.50 Beaming Sapphire
31546.6 Beaming Shadow
31547.1611 Garden Square Limestone
31547.635 Garden Square Seaglass
31548.106 Wishful Opal
31548.11 Wishful Driftwood
31548.21 Wishful Pewter
31548.610 Wishful Bramble
31549.11 Gateway Lotus
31549.1611 Gateway Limestone
31549.411 Gateway Mimosa
31549.516 Gateway Sapphire
31549.615 Gateway Coastal
31549.624 Gateway Copper
31550.135 Junction Lagoon
31550.24 Junction Copper
31550.3 Junction Wasabi
31550.35 Junction Mermaid
31551.311 Button Up Lotus
31551.430 Button Up Seaglass
31551.611 Button Up Java
31551.624 Button Up Spice
31552.612 Zeppelin Copper
31552.617 Zeppelin Berry
31552.830 Zeppelin Lotus
31553.24 Round Off Brown Sugar
31553.315 Round Off Grotto
31556.10 Solution Blackberry
31556.12 Solution Tangerine
31556.21 Solution Graphite
31556.23 Solution Opal
31556.4 Solution Lemongrass
31557.511 Zahar Ink
31557.6 Zahar Shadow
31557.615 Zahar Grotto
31559.1617 Kamara Azalea
31559.612 Kamara Canyon
31559.624 Kamara Copper
31559.635 Kamara Seaglass
31565.1615 Little Boxes Seaglass
31565.24 Little Boxes Spice
31565.624 Little Boxes Copper
32920.4 Wink Toffee
32920.40 Wink Sunflower
32935.3 Liliana Pear
32935.30 Liliana Lemongrass
32844.16 Winding Road Sandstone
32844.1619 Winding Road Clementine
32844.316 Winding Road Greenway
32844.424 Winding Road Chili
32844.516 Winding Road Blue Line
32844.6 Winding Road Shadow
32847.11 Sancho Stonehenge
32847.319 Sancho Guava
32847.412 Sancho Tigerlily
32847.840 Sancho Sesame
32849.1216 Japonica Mandarin Dot
32849.411 Japonica Citron Dot
32849.424 Japonica Chili
32849.435 Japonica Lilypad
32849.516 Japonica Blue Dot
32890.340 Little Pop Lemon
32890.411 Little Pop Shadow
32890.540 Little Pop Bluegrass
32890.612 Little Pop Mandarin
32890.730 Little Pop Blossom
32892.411 Singular Graphite
32892.624 Singular Toffee
32892.630 Singular Fiesta
32892.817 Singular Licorice
32893.1135 Fiorina Capri
32893.1211 Fiorina Mandarin
32893.30 Fiorina Pear
32893.4 Fiorina Lemon
32893.411 Fiorina Lemongrass
32893.52 Fiorina Blue Slate
32893.811 Fiorina Shadow
32894.1211 Burst Out Toffee
32894.511 Burst Out Capri
32894.612 Burst Out Tigerlily
32894.830 Burst Out Spring
32894.850 Burst Out Galaxy
32895.35 Voltage Water
32895.811 Voltage Silver
32895.840 Voltage Burnish
32896.1612 Day Dreamer Mandarin
32896.335 Day Dreamer Seaside
32896.630 Day Dreamer Lemongrass
32897.540 Mashru Citrus
32897.635 Mashru Tidal
32897.640 Mashru Ginger
32897.650 Mashru Shadow
32897.912 Mashru Nomad
32898.11 Reunion Sandstone
32898.35 Reunion Lagoon
32898.419 Reunion Persimmon
32898.811 Reunion Stonehenge
32900.415 Ikat Dot Surfside
32900.619 Ikat Dot Fiesta
32908.312 Mix Master Fiesta
32908.411 Mix Master Overcast
32908.612 Mix Master Ginger
32908.830 Mix Master Escapade
32909.335 Mila Beach Glass
32909.4 Mila Toffee
32909.912 Mila Ginger
32910.135 Masala Tidal
32910.811 Masala Stonehenge
32911.106 Check Out Lemongrass
32911.421 Check Out Spellbound
32911.435 Check Out Poolside
32912.3 Pick Me Pear
32912.35 Pick Me Grotto
32919.530 Remote Control Beach Glass
32920.11 Wink Silver Moon
32920.12 Wink Tangerine
32920.16 Wink Pearl
32920.21 Wink Mercury
32920.24 Wink Mandarin
32920.3 Wink Lemongrass
32921.411 Free Ride Nickel
32921.424 Free Ride Chili
32923.397 Elect Watermelon
32923.424 Elect Salsa
32923.616 Elect Moonstone
32925.312 Nominate Fiesta
32925.611 Nominate Sandstone
32926.335 Stirred Up Grotto
32926.511 Stirred Up Sapphire
32926.612 Stirred Up Mandarin
32927.1121 Missing Link Spellbound
32927.411 Missing Link Stonehenge
32927.530 Missing Link Seaside
32927.630 Missing Link Fiesta
32927.640 Missing Link Tigerlily
32927.811 Missing Link Birch
32928.311 Quake Citrus
32928.411 Quake Galaxy
32928.430 Quake Lemongrass
32928.511 Quake Grotto
32928.619 Quake Fiesta
32928.912 Quake Mandarin
32929.312 Lucky Charm Citrus
32929.317 Lucky Charm Guava
32929.424 Lucky Charm Tigerlily
32929.511 Lucky Charm Galaxy
32929.530 Lucky Charm Beach Glass
32929.640 Lucky Charm Toffee
32930.312 Straight Talk Guava
32930.416 Straight Talk Lemongrass
32930.512 Straight Talk Fiesta
32930.530 Straight Talk Bluegrass
32930.540 Straight Talk Galaxy
32930.624 Straight Talk Tigerliily
32930.640 Straight Talk Sesame
32931.12 Cato Mandarin
32931.23 Cato Citrine
32931.3 Cato Grass
32931.35 Cato Grotto
32931.9 Cato Caliente
32932.316 Drive In Cabana
32932.416 Drive In Lemongrass
32932.519 Drive In Fiesta
32932.640 Drive In Tigerlily
32933.411 Sky Rocket Paradise
32933.417 Sky Rocket Firefly
32934.311 Waterline Silver Dune
32934.811 Waterline Mercury
32934.912 Waterline Mandarin
32935.21 Liliana Graphite
32935.24 Liliana Ginger
32936.335 All Around Lily Pad
32936.511 All Around Galaxy
32937.11 Straighten Up Graphite
32937.12 Straighten Up Clementine
31513.45 Circle Time Bluenote
31513.615 Circle Time Dragonfly
31516.116 Accolade Silver
31516.81 Accolade Blackberry
31516.811 Accolade Shadow
31519.1635 Activate Tidal
31519.316 Activate Grass
31546.24 Beaming Paprika
31546.4 Beaming Midas
31552.350 Zeppelin Bluegrass
31565.35 Little Boxes Seaside
31565.611 Little Boxes Metal
32895.815 Voltage Patina
32896.511 Day Dreamer Grotto
32926.811 Stirred Up Shadow
32931.11 Cato Moonstone
31532.116 So Vine Almond
31532.1630 So Vine Celery
31532.315 So Vine Seaglass
31549.1635 Gateway Grotto
32909.40 Mila Sunflower
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Kravet 32934.335 Waterline Lilypad Fabric

Kravet 32934.335 Waterline Lilypad Fabric


Kravet 32934.335 Waterline Lilypad Fabric
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