Product ID: 9740.430
Kravet 9740.430 Rivette Patina Fabric

Kravet 9740.430 Rivette Patina Fabric

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Content:41% Silk, 39% Viscose, 20% Polyester
Horizontal Repeat:3.5"
Vertical Repeat:4.5"
Country of Origin:India
Collection:Calvin Klein
Care:Solvent Or Dry Cleaning Product


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14743.68 14743 68
17440.101 17440 101
24920.1616 Modern Ottoman Platinum
26289.11 26289 11
29811.111 Ease Drizzle
29814.81 Semi Formal Tuxedo
29820.106 Covet Stone
29821.11 Vanuato Gray Sand
29821.15 Vanuato Atlantic
29824.11 Roosevelt Powder Blue
29827.611 Chevronel Harvest
29828.11 Cluster Sparrow
29831.15 Quince Pool
29838.1 Behold Sandstone
29838.106 Behold Shale
29838.1116 Behold Dawn
29839.1616 Purlieu Hickory
29841.106 Tatogami Mineral
29841.135 Tatogami Blue Pearl
29845.106 Kamakura Frost Gray
29845.52 Kamakura Winter Lake
29846.1511 Mingle Cornflower
29846.21 Mingle Truffle
29847.21 Rumours Charcoal
29847.8 Rumours Obsidian
29848.11 Irregular Harbor
29848.6 Irregular Sable
29854.68 Established Umber
29855.1 Zabuton Snowdrift
29855.8 Zabuton Storm
29859.11 Euphoria Seaspray
29859.811 Euphoria Ice
29860.15 Gift Box Dawn
29867.1615 Pikachu Suede
29869.106 Sento Stone
29872.11 Linkage Smoke
29873.21 Shatus Grey
29875.16 Slub Blend Gingersnap
29876.106 Dazzling Shale
29876.615 Dazzling Deep Sea
29878.11 Esperto Bluestone
29878.16 Esperto Grain
29878.21 Esperto Winterlake
29878.811 Esperto Bluesteel
29879.106 Brilliance Silver Leaf
29879.11 Brilliance Seaspray
29879.13 Brilliance Peacock
29880.1616 Habutai Cremini
29881.16 Interwoven Nutmeg
29882.135 Perspective Ocean
29882.6 Perspective Timber
29883.1 Forum Bisque
29883.6 Forum Mink
29885.1 Guangi Sandstone
29885.52 Guangi Peppercorn
29891.101 Batiste Pearl
29892.11 Fundamental Pearl
29897.11 Sheath Pewter
29897.16 Sheath Shell
29897.4 Sheath Sand
29897.811 Sheath Truffle
29897.816 Sheath Teastain
29902.1 Vinery Pearl
29902.11 Vinery Frost Gray
29902.6 Vinery Root
29904.1 Elite Set Frost
29904.11 Elite Set Seal
29906.1 Laundered Winter
29921.16 Impresario Porcini
30009.1616 Dapper Porcini
30009.21 Dapper Gunmetal
30708.106 Display Khaki
30708.116 Display Cornsilk
30708.135 Display Brine
30708.6 Display Rum
30717.106 Dea Fog
30717.16 Dea Sand
30717.6 Dea Silt
30717.811 Dea Smoke
30718.106 Relevance Burlap
31012.21 Liquid Velvet Graphite
31411.135 Oda Mineral
32384.50 Murni Linen Midnight
32384.6 Murni Linen Root
32393.11 Danau Gunite
32398.23 Mistik Reed
32407.11 Ciami Clove
32408.316 Bedhaya Green Tea
32411.16 Intan Dew
32411.21 Intan Nocturnal
32415.106 Toraja Chinchilla
32415.15 Toraja Heron
32415.16 Toraja Rose Quartz
32416.16 Tenun Texture Dusk
32418.16 Suchi Satin Rose Gold
32418.30 Suchi Satin Patina
32419.6 Gili Epingle Storm
32421.16 Kaya Silk Blush
32421.23 Kaya Silk Dove
32421.4 Kaya Silk Coconut
32422.9 Merasa Wool Burgundy
32427.11 Lesiari Birch
32431.16 Wali Nomad
32433.4 Abadi Mosaic Burnished
32433.6 Abadi Mosaic Malachite
32434.5 Botani Lapis
32436.6 Rohani Velvet Curry
32437.16 Dewi Paisley Pearl
32437.411 Dewi Paisley Twilight
32438.11 Saya Glacier
32438.4 Saya Burnished
32439.11 Putra Stripe Oyster
32439.611 Putra Stripe Smoke
32440.16 Api Chevron Moonstone
32443.110 Titik Thistle
32443.15 Titik Pacific Blue
32443.6 Titik Raisin
32444.11 Titik Oasis
32445.16 Lontar Bamboo
32447.16 Ayu Sauterne
32447.6 Ayu Earth
32449.106 Sinting Epingle Pumice
32450.16 Songket Inca
32450.6 Songket Sandlewood
32453.11 Aneh Velvet Seal
32456.710 Putri Velvet Tea Rose
32468.411 Netro Stripe Bamboo
32869.6 Sumarto Taupe
3655.11 Indah Dot Crystalline
3668.106 Bejo Sheer Patina
3674.1 Kusuna Sheer Crystalline
3706.11 Nias Aura
3708.1 Langit Sheer Ivory
3711.11 Fajar Silver Lake
3712.16 Kilau Silk Camel
3812.11 Colok Dots Flannel
9533.1 Radiate Winterlake
9533.16 Radiate Cream
9535.101 Helical Chalk
9535.16 Helical Oyster
9536.1 Socialite Snowdrift
9537.1 Airy Wool
9537.115 Airy Tide
9539.106 Deconstruct Flax
9539.11 Deconstruct Vapor
9539.16 Deconstruct Putty
9542.11 Bustle Waterdrops
9542.1116 Bustle Linen
9542.6 Bustle Fossil
9543.11 Crinkled Bluesteel
9543.30 Crinkled Mineral
9544.16 Edging Cameo
9544.616 Edging Maple
9551.11 Wavelet Bluesteel
9552.1 Deepa Moon
9552.135 Deepa Lagoona
9555.21 Finery Steel
9737.101 Dhyana Pearl
9737.81 Dhyana Tuxedo
9740.11 Rivette Pewter
9740.4 Rivette Byzantine
9742.1 Breadth Shell
9742.101 Breadth Pearl
9742.4 Breadth Sesame
9745.1116 Gingkos Ivory
9745.16 Gingkos Shell
9745.21 Ginkos Smoke
9745.81 Gingkos Tuxedo
CITRA.11 Citra Mica
T30558.1 Strie Border Pearl
T30558.135 Strie Border Pool
T30558.4 Strie Border Barley
T30558.46 Strie Border Bronze
T30559.1 Faille Cord Pearl
T30559.106 Faille Cord Shale
T30559.11 Faille Cord Grey Frost
T30559.135 Faille Cord Celadon
T30559.16 Faille Cord Champagne
T30559.21 Faille Cord Varnish
T30559.30 Faille Cord Ginseng
T30559.355 Faille Cord Yangtze
T30559.416 Faille Cord Emperor
T30559.6 Faille Cord Loam
T30559.818 Faille Cord Graphite
T30559.9 Faille Cord Cinnabar
T30560.1 Tonal Cord Pearl
T30560.11 Tonal Cord Grey Frost
T30560.16 Tonal Cord Champagne
T30560.35 Tonal Cord Pool
T30560.4 Tonal Cord Barley
T30560.46 Tonal Cord Bronze
T30560.6 Tonal Cord Loam
T30561.1 Ottoman Band Pearl
T30561.106 Ottoman Band Shale
T30561.11 Ottoman Band Grey Frost
T30561.16 Ottoman Band Champagne
T30561.35 Ottoman Band Pool
T30561.4 Ottoman Band Barley
T30561.46 Ottoman Band Bronze
T30561.6 Ottoman Band Loam
T30562.1 Micro Cord Pearl
T30562.1010 Micro Cord Concord
T30562.1019 Micro Cord Heather
T30562.106 Micro Cord Pebble
T30562.11 Micro Cord Grey Frost
T30562.111 Micro Cord Champagne
T30562.1110 Micro Cord Dusk
T30562.115 Micro Cord Powder
T30562.116 Micro Cord Pumice
T30562.135 Micro Cord Pool
T30562.14 Micro Cord Barley
T30562.16 Micro Cord Nude
T30562.1630 Micro Cord Cactus
T30562.19 Micro Cord Cayenne
T30562.23 Micro Cord Aloe
T30562.2424 Micro Cord Sedona
T30562.343 Micro Cord Chive
T30562.35 Micro Cord Ocean
T30562.4 Micro Cord Fawn
T30562.412 Micro Cord Rattan
T30562.4141 Micro Cord Dijon
T30562.44 Micro Cord Bronze
T30562.46 Micro Cord Maple
T30562.68 Micro Cord Loam
T30562.7 Micro Cord Blossom
T30562.8 Micro Cord Onyx
T30562.81 Micro Cord Shale
T30562.818 Micro Cord Graphite
T30562.9 Micro Cord Bordeaux
T30563.1 Grecian Braid Pearl
T30563.11 Grecian Braid Grey Frost
T30563.135 Grecian Braid Pool
T30563.16 Grecian Braid Champagne
T30563.4 Grecian Braid Barley
T30563.44 Grecian Braid Bronze
T30564.1 Fringed Border Pearl
T30564.11 Fringed Border Grey Frost
T30564.135 Fringed Border Pool
T30564.16 Fringed Border Champagne
T30564.4 Fringed Border Barley
T30564.44 Fringed Border Bronze
T30564.6 Fringed Border Loam
T30568.1 Faille Tape Pearl
T30568.106 Faille Tape Shale
T30568.11 Faille Tape Pewter
T30568.116 Faille Tape Pumice
T30568.135 Faille Tape Pool
T30568.16 Faille Tape Champagne
T30568.4 Faille Tape Barley
T30568.46 Faille Tape Bronze
T30568.818 Faille Tape Graphite
T30569.1 Lgr Faille Tape Pearl
T30569.106 Lgr Faille Tape Shale
T30569.11 Lgr Faille Tape Pewter
T30569.116 Lgr Faille Tape Pumice
T30569.135 Lgr Faille Tape Pool
T30569.16 Lgr Faille Tape Champagne
T30569.4 Lgr Faille Tape Barley
T30569.46 Lgr Faille Tape Bronze
T30569.6 Lgr Faille Tape Loam
T30569.818 Lgr Faille Tape Graphite
T30570.1 Med Faille Tape Pearl
T30570.11 Med Faille Tape Pewter
T30570.116 Med Faille Tape Pumice
T30570.135 Med Faille Tape Pool
T30570.16 Med Faille Tape Champagne
T30570.4 Med Faille Tape Barley
T30570.46 Med Faille Tape Bronze
T30570.6 Med Faille Tape Loam
T30571.106 Brushed Metal Taupe
T30571.46 Brushed Metal Bronze
T30571.818 Brushed Metal Graphite
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Kravet 9740.430 Rivette Patina Fabric

Kravet 9740.430 Rivette Patina Fabric


Kravet 9740.430 Rivette Patina Fabric
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