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Product ID: CASPIAN.16
Kravet CASPIAN.16 Caspian Hay Fabric

Kravet CASPIAN.16 Caspian Hay Fabric

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Content:100% Polyurethane
Country of Origin:China
Finish:Antimicrobial, Sta-Kleen Stain Resistant
Collection:Contract Sta-kleen
Care:Water Based Cleaners


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MADISON SQ.6 Madison SQ Java
MADISON SQ.606 Madison SQ Rattan
MADISON SQ.66 Madison SQ Etruscan
MADISON SQ.8 Madison SQ Noir
MADISON SQ.9 Madison SQ Madiera
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MANTA.21 Manta Silver Drop
MANTA.3 Manta Honeydew
MANTA.4 Manta Gold Drop
MANTA.5 Manta Laguna
MANTA.6 Manta Espresso
MANTA.66 Manta Tortoise
MANTA.8 Manta Noir
MANTA.97 Manta Hibiscus
NAJA.1 Naja Gesso
NAJA.124 Naja Cognac
NAJA.16 Naja Oatmeal
NAJA.19 Naja Chili
NAJA.24 Naja Root Beer
NAJA.3 Naja Loden
NAJA.303 Naja Lime
NAJA.6 Naja Espresso
NAJA.606 Naja Mink
NAJA.8 Naja Noir
NAJA.9 Naja Cerise
NAPA.1 Napa Gesso
NAPA.101 Napa Stone
NAPA.11 Napa Dolphin
NAPA.12 Napa Tangerine
NAPA.14 Napa Butternut
NAPA.16 Napa Sand
NAPA.21 Napa Graphite
NAPA.3 Napa Wasabi
NAPA.30 Napa Fern
NAPA.303 Napa Cactus
NAPA.5 Napa Slate
NAPA.50 Napa Midnight
NAPA.6 Napa Mink
NAPA.616 Napa Flan
NAPA.8 Napa Noir
NAPA.9 Napa Cerise
NAPA.97 Napa Chianti
NARI.106 Nari Nickel
NARI.11 Nari Graphite
NARI.123 Nari Mimosa
NARI.124 Nari Inca
NARI.16 Nari Mica
NARI.24 Nari Penny
NILE.10 Nile Amethyst
NILE.106 Nile Weathered
NILE.11 Nile Silver
NILE.110 Nile Wineberry
NILE.114 Nile Gilt
NILE.12 Nile Inca
NILE.21 Nile Rhodium
NILE.24 Nile Bronze
NILE.414 Nile Midas
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OPHIDIAN.1 Ophidian Marshmallow
OPHIDIAN.10 Ophidian Raisin
OPHIDIAN.101 Ophidian Oatmeal
OPHIDIAN.11 Ophidian Dolphin
OPHIDIAN.124 Ophidian Cognac
OPHIDIAN.16 Ophidian Wheat
OPHIDIAN.24 Ophidian Saddle
OPHIDIAN.3 Ophidian Sage
OPHIDIAN.35 Ophidian Patina
OPHIDIAN.50 Ophidian Midnight
OPHIDIAN.6 Ophidian Charcoal
OPHIDIAN.606 Ophidian Bark
OPHIDIAN.616 Ophidian Maple
PYXIS.17 Pyxis Rosewood
PYXIS.21 Pyxis Gunmetal
PYXIS.3 Pyxis Spearmint
PYXIS.30 Pyxis Cactus
PYXIS.4 Pyxis Nugget
PYXIS.5 Pyxis Twilight
PYXIS.6 Pyxis Gypsy
PYXIS.616 Pyxis Penny
PYXIS.66 Pyxis Bronze
PYXIS.8 Pyxis Noir
REVA.10 Reva Berry
REVA.12 Reva Tangerine
REVA.123 Reva Khaki
REVA.124 Reva Tangelo
REVA.14 Reva Lemon
REVA.15 Reva Pool
REVA.19 Reva Rio
REVA.23 Reva Seaglass
REVA.3 Reva Lime
REVA.30 Reva Loden
REVA.35 Reva Pacific
REVA.414 Reva Sand
REVA.6 Reva Mink
REVA.606 Reva Sienna
REVA.616 Reva Porcini
REVA.8 Reva Iron
SEISMIC.1 Seismic Meringue
SEISMIC.11 Seismic Nickel
SEISMIC.116 Seismic Sesame
SEISMIC.13 Seismic Caribbean
SEISMIC.135 Seismic Coastal
SEISMIC.15 Seismic Waterline
SEISMIC.16 Seismic Shale
SEISMIC.19 Seismic Clay
SEISMIC.21 Seismic Graphite
SEISMIC.3 Seismic Pear
SEISMIC.35 Seismic Amalfi
SEISMIC.50 Seismic Midnight
SEISMIC.52 Seismic Silver
SEISMIC.6 Seismic Brass
SEISMIC.616 Seismic Burnished
SEISMIC.66 Seismic Espresso
SEISMIC.8 Seismic Noir
SEISMIC.9 Seismic Gypsy
SEISMIC.97 Seismic Hibiscus
SPARKS FLY.10 Sparks Fly Crocus
SPARKS FLY.12 Sparks Fly Nugget
SPARKS FLY.13 Sparks Fly Amalfi
SPARKS FLY.3 Sparks Fly Sea Green
SPARKS FLY.30 Sparks Fly Peridot
SPARKS FLY.35 Sparks Fly Water
SPARKS FLY.4 Sparks Fly Rose Gold
SPARKS FLY.50 Sparks Fly Odyssey
SPARKS FLY.6 Sparks Fly Tortoise
SPARKS FLY.8 Sparks Fly Big Bang
SPARKS FLY.97 Sparks Fly Berry
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TATAMI.24 Tatami Saddle
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TOP NOTCH.16 Top Notch Champagne
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TOP NOTCH.24 Top Notch Penny
TOP NOTCH.3 Top Notch Spearmint
TOP NOTCH.313 Top Notch Peridot
TOP NOTCH.4 Top Notch Nugget
TOP NOTCH.40 Top Notch Gilt
TOP NOTCH.5 Top Notch Twilight
TOP NOTCH.6 Top Notch Bronze
TOP NOTCH.606 Top Notch Gypsy
TOP NOTCH.8 Top Notch Obsidian
TOP NOTCH.97 Top Notch Rosewood
VALERA.1 Valera Marshmallow
VALERA.10 Valera Currant
VALERA.106 Valera Sage Brush
VALERA.11 Valera Greystone
VALERA.12 Valera Saffron
VALERA.14 Valera Butternut
VALERA.15 Valera Spa
VALERA.16 Valera Dune
VALERA.19 Valera Brick
VALERA.23 Valera Wasabi
VALERA.24 Valera Cumin
VALERA.3 Valera Sage
VALERA.30 Valera Jungle
VALERA.303 Valera Forest
VALERA.50 Valera Sapphire
VALERA.505 Valera Slate
VALERA.6 Valera Cocoa
VALERA.606 Valera Sienna
VALERA.8 Valera Noir
VALERA.9 Valera Rojo
VALERA.909 Valera Sangria
VALERA.97 Valera Chianti
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Kravet CASPIAN.16 Caspian Hay Fabric

Kravet CASPIAN.16 Caspian Hay Fabric


Kravet CASPIAN.16 Caspian Hay Fabric
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