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Product ID: T30656.106
Kravet T30656.106 Camillus Linen

Kravet T30656.106 Camillus Linen

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Content:100% Polyester
Country of Origin:India
Collection:Thom Filicia


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30474.16 Basin Natural
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30758.315 Marcellus Grass
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30760.1 Raynor Ivory
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30765.52 Wall Slate
30765.6 Wall Chocolate
30773.15 Shonnard Spa
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30774.416 Lawrence Citron
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30783.16 Merriman Stone
30785.16 Eisner Oatmeal
30785.615 Eisner Mineral
30785.616 Eisner Teak
30814.116 Lodi Linen
30814.12 Lodi Papaya
30814.15 Lodi Sail
30814.16 Lodi Natural
30818.106 Irving Stone
30818.16 Irving Linen
30942.15 Selina Mineral
30942.3 Selina Seamist
30942.816 Selina Graphite
30943.35 Water Ciel
30944.1 Lyncourt Snow
30944.124 Lyncourt Coral
30944.21 Lyncourt Granite
30945.616 Onondaga Ochre
30948.316 Manlius Teal
30948.515 Manlius Ink
30949.11 Westvale Sterling
30949.16 Westvale Dune
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30953.21 Carr Graphite
30957.516 Cazenovia Indigo
30957.606 Cazenovia Saddle
30957.635 Cazenovia Patina
30957.916 Cazenovia Navajo
30960.616 Pearl Street Chestnut
30966.1 Croly Oatmeal
30966.21 Croly Charcoal
30968.1 Howlett Ivory
30968.106 Howlett Flax
30980.111 Brewerton White
30981.1615 Schneider Mineral
30981.1624 Schneider Adobe
30983.111 Buckley Ivory
30983.1616 Buckley Linen
30983.5 Buckley Royal
30984.6 Richmond Coco
31081.1 Darlington Ivory
32657.135 Boyden Aqua
32657.14 Boyden Citron
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32657.51 Boyden Ink
32790.1612 Rigi Coral
32790.416 Rigi Citron
32790.516 Rigi Ink
32791.106 Parrish Linen
32791.515 Parrish Indigo
32792.11 Lamson Pewter
32792.16 Lamson Linen
32792.19 Lamson Coral
32792.21 Lamson Graphite
32792.35 Lamson Capri
32792.4 Lamson Gourd
32792.5 Lamson Chambray
32793.12 Edtim Coral
32793.16 Edtim Linen
32793.35 Edtim Teal
32793.4 Edtim Chartreuse
32793.5 Edtim Indigo
32794.319 Maltbie Urban
32794.516 Maltbie Coast
32794.530 Maltbie Capri
32794.640 Maltbie Harvest
32795.16 Henninger Linen
32795.3 Henninger Turquoise
32795.5 Henninger Coast
32796.106 Melo Stone
32797.11 Meachem Stone
32797.3 Meachem Spa
32797.6 Meachem Mocha
32798.311 Conifer Modern
32799.1611 Stinard Stone
32799.1619 Stinard Coral
32799.311 Stinard Chartreuse
32799.624 Stinard Terracotta
32799.635 Stinard Spa
32806.311 Molloy Urban
32806.530 Molloy Capri
32811.6 Bagg Granite
32814.16 Oakwood Linen
32815.1 Sweeting Eggshell
32815.101 Sweeting Ivory
32817.16 Stoutenger Bisque
32818.111 Galster Bone
32819.106 Muller Mocha
32819.11 Muller Nickel
32819.116 Muller Stone
32819.15 Muller Spa
32820.16 Sunnycrest Cream
32821.3 Mooney Grass
32821.35 Mooney Patina
32822.16 Burrows Linen
32823.1611 Roesler Linen
32824.11 Fiscoe Steel
32824.5 Fiscoe Bay
32825.411 Eastwood Modern
32826.5 Mattydale Rain
32827.16 Hazelhurst Dune
32828.16 Dausman Sand
32828.616 Dausman Linen
32829.16 Kinne Oatmeal
32832.16 Mertens Natural
32833.106 Split Rock Linen
32833.16 Split Rock Oatmeal
32833.35 Split Rock Grotto
32833.719 Split Rock Coral
32834.5 Southside Chambray
32835.16 Sehr Linen
32836.11 Fobes Metro
32836.1211 Fobes Tango
32836.530 Fobes Capri
32839.16 Heman Linen
32840.411 Harrider Pewter
32840.540 Harrider Seamist
32841.311 Northside Surf
33139.16 Edtim Linen
3739.11 East Ave Moonlight
3797.1 Dawes Natural
3798.16 Headson Sand
3803.1 Phelps White
9813.16 Niagra Linen
9813.516 Niagra Indigo
9813.616 Niagra Rattan
9814.1 Fabius Sand
9814.11 Fabius Metal
9814.15 Fabius Aqua
9814.4 Fabius Pumpkin
9814.516 Fabius Spa
9854.135 Seeley Grotto
9854.14 Seeley Camel
9854.15 Seeley Lagoon
9854.16 Seeley Fawn
9854.21 Seeley Graphite
9855.1 Solvay White
9856.16 Division Beach
9868.16 Niagra Ii Linen
9868.516 Niagra Ii Indigo
9868.616 Niagra Ii Rattan
BURNET.106 Burnet Taupe
BURNET.11 Burnet Shadow
BURNET.13 Burnet Ocean
BURNET.16 Burnet Natural
BURNET.3 Burnet Citron
BURNET.5 Burnet Ink
BURNET.6 Burnet Coco
CITYSQUARE.11 Citysquare Mistymorn
CITYSQUARE.12 Citysquare Terratone
CITYSQUARE.123 Citysquare Limetree
CITYSQUARE.1619 Citysquare Wildrose
EVERSON.12 Everson Pumpkin
EVERSON.311 Everson Chartreuse
EVERSON.335 Everson Spa
EVERSON.515 Everson Coast
EVERSON.911 Everson Poppy
GERE.1635 Gere Beach
GERE.311 Gere Olive
GERE.5 Gere River
GRIFFITH.316 Griffith Citron
GRIFFITH.516 Griffith Sky
GRIFFITH.816 Griffith Fog
ITHICA.411 Ithica Toucan
ITHICA.540 Ithica River
KIMMEL.316 Kimmel Rattan
KIMMEL.415 Kimmel Spa
KIMMEL.511 Kimmel Mineral
KIMMEL.512 Kimmel Grenadine
KIMMEL.514 Kimmel Ocean
PENNOCK.135 Pennock Lagoon
PENNOCK.4 Pennock Lizard
PENNOCK.5 Pennock Lakeside
POPPYFIELD.101 Poppyfield Silhouette
POPPYFIELD.12 Poppyfield Tangelo
POPPYFIELD.15 Poppyfield Seamist
POPPYFIELD.3 Poppyfield Anjou
PROSPECT.5 Prospect Lake
PROSPECT.512 Prospect Adobe
PROSPECT.615 Prospect Capri
PROSPECT.616 Prospect Rattan
PROSPECT.814 Prospect Shadow
SANDY POND.11 Sandy Pond Smoke
SANDY POND.12 Sandy Pond Roseberry
SANDY POND.15 Sandy Pond Spa
SANDY POND.16 Sandy Pond Sand
SANDY POND.4 Sandy Pond Citrus
T30654.311 Buckley Urban
T30654.515 Buckley Ocean
T30654.616 Buckley Stone
T30654.635 Buckley Capri
T30655.1 Broadfield Cream
T30655.11 Broadfield Moonlight
T30655.135 Broadfield Spa
T30655.15 Broadfield Capri
T30655.16 Broadfield Oatmeal
T30655.24 Broadfield Spice
T30655.3 Broadfield Chartreuse
T30655.5 Broadfield Coast
T30655.616 Broadfield Stone
T30655.818 Broadfield Smoke
T30656.16 Camillus Cream
T30656.316 Camillus Grass
T30656.515 Camillus Coast
T30656.81 Camillus Smoke
T30657.311 Marcel Smoke
T30657.319 Marcel Chartreuse
T30657.5 Marcel Coast
T30657.616 Marcel Stone
T30657.635 Marcel Capri
TOUSEY.316 Tousey Dusk
TOUSEY.424 Tousey Quarry
TOUSEY.5 Tousey Ocean
TOUSEY.516 Tousey Pool
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Kravet T30656.106 Camillus Linen

Kravet T30656.106 Camillus Linen


Kravet T30656.106 Camillus Linen
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