Guide to Automotive Supplies

Have a car restoration project coming up? Here’s a guide to some automotive supplies that will make your next project easy peasy.

Foam and Padding:

20 oz Recycled Polyester Carpet Padding is a great choice when putting carpet into a car or even in-home application. This particular material is great for sound proofing and works best when layered over foam for added vibration proofing.

Cloth Backed Sew Foams attach easily to most surfaces and are typically used for the seating and headliners in cars, boat cushion upholstery and furniture upholstery (although there are many more choices of foams for furniture upholstery) It is a thin durable foam that handles wear and tear well.

Glue and Adhesives:

Pro Stick has several products out to help with a range of automotive projects.

Pro Stick 55 Multi-Purpose Mist Strap Adhesive quickly creates a heat and water resistant bond. It is great for projects with paper, fabric and wood. The spray comes out as more of a mist so it is good for projects that need general adhesive coverage as opposed to targeted coverage.

Pro Stick 95 Trim Spray Adhesive also creates a quick heat and water resistant bond but is used for more specific projects. This product is great for installing headliners in cars, laminates, speakers or on most materials made of plastic.  The spray comes out pretty targeted, although the nozzle does have three settings.

Pro Stick 60 Hi-Strength Web Spray Adhesive will be similar to the 55 Multi-Purpose in terms of application. The spray is good for general application. However, this product is better suited for synthetic materials like plastics as opposed to organic materials.

Lastly, 3M Rubber & Vinyl 80 Spray Adhesive is a product made specifically for rubber and vinyl and is used to automotive headliner installation.


C7 Manual Loose Hog Ring Plier and  C.S. Osborne ‘D’ Style Hog Ring Pliers – Side Bent both will close D style hog rings. The difference between the two products is how the handle is situated, so choose the product based on the space it will be used in.

Bostitch P7 Hog Ring Stapler and the G7 Manual Collated Hog Ring Stapler are used with c-style hog rings and are a little quicker and easier than the manual pliers.

D-style hog rings and C-style staples are used for upholstery or many other indoor and outdoor applications.


There are a variety of different automotive towels specially made from cotton fibers to dust and polish in a non-abrasive way. All options are highly absorbent and can be bought it rolls.

white-hermitex-300-wiping-cloths White Hermitex #300 Wiping Cloths


Cotton Upholstery Batting Fabric is great for re-upholstering seating. It is about two inches thick and is soft yet durable.

cotton-upholstery-batting-fabric Cotton Upholstery Batting Fabric

Cleaners and Solvents

Max Pro Heavy Duty Water & Stain Repellent and Rust-Oleum NeverWet Auto Interior Liquid Repellent are both specially formulated to keep automotive interiors dry and creates a layer that protects from stains. Both are odorless when dry and work on carpeting, leather, cloth made of synthetic and natural fibers.


Lastly, there is a large variety of automotive fabrics for the many different projects you may have when restoring your vehicle.

Faux Suede and Vinyl Leather are great options for reupholstering seats.

Carpet and headlining are also sold to replace any fabrics that may be old, grimy and beat up.

Each fabric comes in a variety of colors to fit the needs of your vehicle.

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