Natural Cotton Scrim Fabric

Natural Cotton Scrim Fabric

$4.00 per Yard (1 -19 Yards)

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  • Product ID: SCRNAT
  • Content: 100% Cotton
  • Width: 61.5"

Cotton Scrim fabric is a lightweight woven material that is most often used by those in the film and theatre industry. It is used to soften or diffuse the light. It has the unique ability to appear sheer when lit from behind and opaque when lit from the front. This makes it possible to "hide" actors on stage. It is often used as a window on stage in place of glass. This makes it possible for people to stand behind the window and not "appear" until they have been properly lit. Photographers also use scrim to control the light when photographing a subject. Natural scrim fabric can be painted and used to control the appearance of scenery. In some carpentry jobs it works as a reinforcement fabric and can be found in surgical rooms as well.

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