Rymplecloth #301 Purified Wiping Cloth - 20" Piece Length

Rymplecloth #301 Purified Wiping Cloth - 20" Piece Length

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  • Product ID: 588782
  • Content: 100% Cotton
  • Width: 10"
  • Length: 20" (Piece - Uncrinkled)
  • Sold: Sold by the Roll, 100 Pieces Per Roll
  • Common Uses: Polish Fine Silver, Dust Electronics, or Clean Expensive Mirrors & Crystal Items, Clean Antique Furniture

Rymplecloth is a highly absorbent and durable 100% cotton cloth that is the real workhorse of utilitarian fabric. The wrinkled and crimpled texture traps dust and dirt particles but the soft finish will not scratch fine surfaces. Rymplecloth also features purified fibers that will not leave a potentially damaging residue on metal, wood or glass surfaces. It offers a hint of stretch that allows it to maintain its shape and is environmentally friendly in that it is reusable and biodegradable. Use this durable cloth to polish fine silver, to dust electronics or to clean expensive mirrors and crystal items. Clean your antique furniture with rymplecloth and eliminate any worry about damaging the finish. This rymplecloth meets and exceeds AMS 3819C standards as well as meets and exceeds BMS15-5F standards and is compatible with all cleaning solvents.

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